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NIGHTMARE (origional RAP about a nightmare i had)

  • Tre2012
  • uploaded: Mar 16, 2012
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This is a song I made about a dream that I had, one of those dreams you "WAKE UP" and its STILL not over.... IMAGINE how u would react to such a dream..

im not totally convinced that it was a dream to be totally honest

If you like this, plz let me know and I will post more in the future, and if you have a certain TOPIC on the paranormal u would like to hear, let me know

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  • Tre2012#

    Tre2012 March 16, 2012 2:23:52 AM CET

    I have alot of experience with paranormal, and have alot of EVP's recorded that I am working on putting into songs, if this is removed, I will keep coming to this site as a "VIEWER" but if u want to take a moment to open your mind and listen to my ART/EXPERIENCES it would be appreciatedTHANK YOU

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