The space travELers journey to the moon

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Mar 17, 2012
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, while filming the moon i noticed an object, as though heading to the moon, the footage of film i took is not very clear, but the photographs i took after filming it are much clearer due to the higher resolution.

I see what appears to be a space ship, that seems to be shaped like a creatures head, like an iguana, and when rotated a vision of a character can be seen that looks humanoid, eye, nose, mouth, arm, and a bluish gauntlet or glove being worn.

Rotated again to another angle i see another head, a face with eyes, nose, and mouth looking out of the photo at you.

When viewed horizontaly in the photo that i have coloured redish the object seems to me to be bigger in height, difficult to see but it seems to have sides similar to a pyramid, and an eye appears to be seen in the midst of it.

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