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The ups and downs of this video's uploading i find amusing. Originally, i uploaded this very video after taping it from my tv as it aired. When i went to look for it on the internet later,it wasnt. I uploaded it to youtube originally, but as usual, the BBC got my a/c shut down as they have done 4 times now, for copyright infringement, even tho i put "for educational purposes" copyright notice up hoping they would understand.Of course they didnt understand and care not about anything. It wasnt online or available for some time,except on my youtube channel, until the BBC got wise, and uploaded it themselves,putting the original date of transmission on their site, 14 Aug 2010, which was the date i uploaded it to my butlincat blog only they removed my video and replaced their own link for this video {as originally aired by them} with a load of spielalong with it, of course. Nice people. I duly wrote at the same time to the narrator of in this Carney video, an "Olenka Frenkel", who i contacted on facebook, but of course she didnt reply.I dont have the actual date the BBC put their video online, but David Icke uploaded my video onto his site the same day as i uploaded mine and sent it to him, and as u will see on his site, the video is removed, it being in my deleted a/c and unable to be shown. This is how the BBC work.I wonder would this video be on the BBC site exposing a paedophile priest if i had quietly not noticed how monstrous this character was and left it alone. One things for sure though - the BBC will do as it likes with blogger a/cs {through blogger of course}as they have shown with their dealings over this. And not a word from them about anything, just having my youtube a/c deleted without any warning or telling me to take it down or anything. Tough, eh? Anyway, all my original truther friends on youtube have all gone long ago,and i still have original friends lists which always makes me remember how it was back then in 2007 onwards, and how it is now. Very different, with thousands at it, happily.

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