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Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul?


It seems the mass media has given up on one of the GOP candidates, Ron Paul. Texas Congressman Ron Paul has accumulated a huge and loyal following but has been given the shaft when it comes to news coverage. NBC was the only network who had one embedded journalist following Paul on the campaign trail but recently that reporter was pulled. So why is Paul being ignored? Charlie McGrath, founder of WideAwakeNews.com, joins us for more on the Ron Paul media blackout.

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  • Steute2011#

    Steute2011 March 18, 2012 5:44:38 PM CET

    The illusion of democracy is cruelest joke ever played on the American people. It is ironic that the US puppet politicians and pundits are always eager to criticize alleged corruption in the elections of other countries, when the worst from of it is right here at home!

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