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With all these earthquakes and natural disasters is there some kind of pattern?
FIJI QUAKE 9/15, 188 days after the JAPAN QUAKE 3/11, 188 days after the CHRISTCHURCH QUAKE 9/3, 188 days after the CHILE QUAKE 2/27

-- Message from Lucus --

Hello Friends!
Wow... I had no idea that all the DVDs would sell so quick. Thank you so much for the support. I have sold all the copies of Return of the Great Dragon and 188 Days. There are only 22 copies of The Destroyer Star and the Future of Mankind left (as of this message)so if you want one it's down to the wire.
Now that I have that out of the way let us move to this;
You now have not only my permission, but encouragement, to upload ANY of my 3 DVDs to Youtube or any other video sharing site. Upload them to multiple accounts on multiple sites as many times as possible.
If you bought DVDs you should rip copies to files and upload them. The more the better. Upload them to multiple accounts on multiple video sharing services.
This was never meant to be a business and was always about getting the truth out to those looking for it. The reason why I sold all these DVDs was for everyone to be able to get the physical DVD in their hands. Now that you have the physical DVD, use it. Copy it, upload it, make copies and pass them out. Do whatever it takes. Now instead of just a couple copies up on Youtube there is the potential for thousands of copies.
If Youtube tries to give you a problem about Copyright tell them you have my permission, because you do. If the need comes up I will personally write Youtube a letter.
You can ALSO use certain websites to download my videos from Youtube and reupload them to your Youtube account. I will give you a link at the bottom to do this. It's very simple and will greatly increase traffic to your Youtube account.
I will be uploading 188 Days here shortly for everyone too.
Everybody can use this site to snag the video from Youtube and reupload it on your Youtube account. Just download the videos for Destroyer Star and Great Dragon and reupload them to your account. http://keepvid.com/
Here is the Youtube Link for Part 1 of The Destroyer Star and the Future of Mankind
Here is the Youtube Link for Part 1 of The Return of the Great Dragon.
I hope that the information that I tried to provide to everyone was helpful to you in getting closer to the truth about what is going on.
May this message reach you in good health and spirit.

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