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TRIANGLE-hole in the Sun's corona recorded by NASA


  • Borthwick#

    Borthwick March 19, 2012 10:23:19 PM CET

    Comment long enough?

  • Cosmicimp#

    Cosmicimp March 19, 2012 8:55:21 PM CET

    Is it gullibility? or Hope?, first I was amazed,then as usual my scepticism kicked in, never wishing to debunk anything, thats how WE determine the truth we all crave so much...however scary,from the Evil scum who generate fraudulent sh*te and blag paranormal footage and facts to fuel there pathetic,sick little exsistence.They are destroying our natural psychological evolution, and clogging the arterys of truth.If it is true, and its just another leak as planned by the human conditioning program...its UNBELIEVABLE...The conditioning program has got the planet ready for something on this scale,(Independence day has been on 12 times in the UK since Jan 2012 by the way )we are at the right stage in our psychological development and our evolution is infinite.If your interested there are a few questions that need to be answered before we should believe this..WHY? is the voice digitally created, is this to avoid vocal detection, when they can be easily tracked to UCA Cosmic Media? It is definitely a PC program,listen to it again with that in mind. Is it another classic case of Ego Vs anonymity....WHY? If this was a NWO cover up, does this not show again utter incompetence to keep a secret?WHY? STATE that one minute its a hole in the corona, then state clearly IT IS! a spacecraft...this is all still theory.WHY? If this phenomenon IS a portal, then why have we only just seen it March 12th/13th 2012, especially if its been there since the dawn of creation, definitely since we created the lens. Was it a 24hour portal?WHY? Did we not see anything, travelling in or out of the portal?WHY? Did I spot another smaller yet still damn obvious, isosceles triangle in the upper left quadrant of the photagraph from the SDO database(3:10 MINS on footage) on its side, point facing East (right of screen)not mentioned in footage?In the evolutionary timescale, we have not long jumped down from the trees, the branch is still swinging. I see great good on our floating rock in space but then again, still see famine, disease, poverty, war and chaos.Can us F*cked up monkeys cope with the change....were gonna have to...some of us have and some of us have not....Is this the crest of a wave of human advancement OR Has every image been doctored. What I do know is ME and the rest of the world want to know...no matter the reality/non-reality WHAT THE F*CKS GOIN ON.....COSMICIMP

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