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A handgun to defeat any body armor - GSh-18 pistol

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GSh-18 Pistol (пистолет ГШ-18)

Intended for close-in combat.

It is a personal weapon incorporating the latest achievements in the design and production of such small arms. The pistol has a low weight, large capacity magazine, it is steady in firing.

Its effective combat employment is ensured due to the use of a new cartridges with AP bullet (7H31), which is capable to penetrate class 3 flak vests or 8mm steel plate at a range of at least 20m. The pistol can also fire 9x19mm Para cartridges.

The simple design and manufacturability of cartridges with AP bullet (7H31) allow their rapid production at existing facilities for series production of standard cartridges with minimum expenditures and within the shortest time.

Basic Characteristics
Cartridge 9x19mm pistol cartridge with AP bullet (7H31), Para
Magazine capacity, rds 18
Weight, g
pistol without magazine 490
cartridge 8.14
bullet 4.1
AP bullet muzzle velocity, m/s 535--570
Overall dimensions, mm 184x136x34

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