Book Revision - 7: Hajj for boys 12 to 16 years ol

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The first step on the ladder of "faith" is to establish ones covenant with Adam by becoming a "son of Man". The Hajj rites are there to do so and they stress its importance. Planet earth belongs to Adam and it is for the habitation of the sons of Adam. The Chosen People for demonstrating the moral laws pertaining to Adam, they are known as the Nation of Priests. This is well illustrated in Abraham putting Hagar and Ishmael, the slave woman and her child, the slave son of Abraham outside the territory of the Promised Land that was to belong to the sons of Abraham and not to the slaves. That is inheritance of the property of father goes to his sons to enjoy and it is not given to the slaves working for the man. So, the spirituality rested with Isaac and his people whilst the characteristics of Adam, a Noble Man, rested with Ishmael and his people.

When Christ Jesus was born, then most of the Chosen People had become the Jews of physical self or outwardly thereby breaking their covenant with Abraham as Abraham was not a Jew but a Semite. Jew being the spiritual self and not the physical, he cannot have a son but the physical self Semite represented by the tribes have sons to inherit and live in Peace as the Noble sons of Abraham. Remember that Jacob had twelve sons and the eleven became crook whilst Joseph remained faithful salt of Abraham, a Noble man. That is why their land after they had got rid of Joseph, as Lot left Sodom and Gomrah, became barren and they had to leave their country to beg for food from the humble faithful sons of Abraham from the slave son Ishmael who kept the salt of Abraham in hospitality and righteousness so much so that they found Joseph to be a Wise man among them, gave him the highest honour in their country. That is no distinction as to the origin of person as the Samaritan man helped the wounded person and looked after him was observed. The whole story of exodus is told by Christ Jesus in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Isaac and his people. Moses brought them out of the Egypt and made them to repent forty years in the wilderness and fed them on Manna as punishment for being unfaithful to Abraham. Christ Jesus fed them with heavenly Bread but they left Him as their ears were dumb and deaf to Gospel. Men of letters could not understand the Parable of eating the Juicy Flesh of Jesus and Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ. Like Nicodemus, they took it literally as the present university Professors take the Parables. That is why Gospel is for the people of spirit or those who have common sense. In Gospel, first know what you see with your two naked eyes, then what is not seen of the two naked eyes but perceived by the Third eye of logical reasoning, Gospel would be known to you. So, let us know the sons of Adam before we shall know the sons of God.

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