Book Revision - 7: Hajj for boys 12 to 16 years ol

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Book Revision - 7: Hajj for boys 12 to 16 years old and not for girls or oldies-2.
Thus, KAABA in Mecca is the temple of Adam and the pilgrimage of Hajj is for the boys, and not for the girls, of age 12 to 16 years, who are capable of expressing their tribal identity explicitly. Thus, the essence of Hajj rests upon the repulsion of Satan who takes on different forms to lure the simpletons into his own kingdom, where there is a chaos and hell prevails as you presently see in most of the countries. After the successful Hajj rituals, the boy becomes a "son of Man" referred to in the Bible Matt.13.24-30 as a "wheat plant" that God planted through "Adam"; whilst the "tares" are the "sons of Satan", who have broken their covenant of flesh with Adam and they are called "Saltless Bastards" after their bastardly satanic deeds. The Satan is represented in Mina by three idols or pillars. Thus, the representation and significance of the three types of Satan is as follows:-

1. The pillar (AL-DJMAAR) of the first type of Satan is sited facing East, the direction of sunrise representing the religious Light, and it represents the bastards born of the prostitutes. Prostitution being mainly as the result of "lust for sex", which is inherent in the people of all Ages, therefore, this idol is sited not only in the East but is also called AL-DJMAAR AL-DUNIYA i.e. the Satan of the secular world or of the flesh.

The secular world being for the "sons of Man" with identifiable "seed" or surname, the bastards born of the prostitutes are morally prohibited to marry and reproduce children with no family identity. Jesus termed them moral eunuchs in Matt.19.12: "For there are some eunuchs, who were so born from their mother's womb". Jesus also called these bastards "mustard seeds" and they for not involving in the family life but leading a life of celibacy, can concentrate more upon their spiritual uplift that makes them great wise men - a mustard seed growing into a big plant where the birds of air (sensible people) can roost (gather for spiritual knowledge) - than the married people who first get themselves involved in the material world before embarking upon the spiritual life of full devotion. Such a bastard is known by the proper name of his mother only. But Jesus known as the Son of Mary, the Surrogate mother or woman, was an exception in that His birth was a "Virgin Birth" through "Holy Spirit", His Real Mother, implying that he had no earthly or physical father. For this reason, Jesus was the anointed "Son of Man", the Second Adam; unlike us born of fathers, we are just "sons of Adam". For being Born of a Virgin, Jesus, unlike the second anointed Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, did not marry or had a permanent home to rest his head.

2. The second pillar of Satan AL-WUSTA (middle) is sited in the middle of East and West and it represents those opportunists who change their surname or tribe to gain economical favours from the rulers. Thus, the Satan of this type was born of a father in a father's tribal house and had a surname and tribe to identify his "seed" but he changed it, knowingly, for the sake of the treasures of Mammon. That is, he became a "bastard" of his own free-will for the sake of the kingdom of Mammon. Such clever people normally possess "evil spirit" and they called "Evil Fathers".

East, especially India, Pakistan, etc. has the majority of such people who became the so-called Muslims during the Mughal reign and adopted surnames with the Arabic touch. Most of these Satans are keeping their real tribal identity through secret family trees that are not only consulted but checked and counter-checked during such important social affairs as marriages.

In fact, these Satans are a stepping stone to the most powerful Satans AL-AKSA and AL-KUBRA, both of which are "psychics" i.e. hypocrites, who exploit the simpletons through human psychology. Politicians are a typical example of psychics.

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