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Electric Universe & Nibiru - Pt 2

  • Uploaded by Goldy on Mar 20, 2012
  • Hits: 745

Is The Destroyer "Planet X"? Is Planet X "Nibiru"? Is Nibiru "Wormwood"? Is Wormwood an asteroid? Are comets electric by nature? Was Venus a comet?
Answer: YES! YES to all the above! "Planet X" is any and all "extra Solar System bodies" entering and exiting our solar system continually... and when, not IF, one of these discharges the sun's capacitor as comets are doing, they cause extreme weather events on Earth, and in worse case scenarios, Biblical cataclysmic events as Noah's flood! The universe is an electric-driven, not gravity-driven creation. ALL ancient records record one common earth changing event...caused by an extra solarsystem body entering and exiting our solar system leaving behind what gives archaeology a job. Ecclessiastes 1:9-10 says history repeats itself. Indications are it is repeating now!

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