BBC Speechless Trader Alessio Rastani Tells Truth

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BBC Speechless,

Alessio Rastani Says The Collapse Is Coming — And Goldman Rules The World

Posted on 28 September 2011 by Kenada

This is just crazy! Never would I think there would be real truth on any main steam media outlet, but it has happened. Alessio Rastani said on live BBC news the most know secrect in the world “Goldman Rules the world”.

But according to Dylan Stableford over at The Cutline they seem to think it was all a hoax. While never saying it straight out they are pushing the idea.

But just as quickly, rumors swirled that Rastani was actually a member of the Yes Men, a loose-knit group of merry pranksters and imposters that attempt to manipulate the media with the goal of exposing the dubious conduct of big corporations. Read Full Story Here:


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