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Lindsey Williams & Chris Waltzek - March. 20, 2012

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  • Jordee#

    Jordee March 23, 2012 7:59:38 AM CET

    This is your "pencil & paper"...NOTES FROM THIS BROADCAST:1. Economic Collapse date: "Dollar will be dead by the end of 2012". Elite intentionally delaying collapse to get countries into massive debt, then allow collapse, will be so traumatic, They will say: "you have no choice. You have to accept the new (global) currency..."Dollar to lose world reserve currency status. Hyperinflation. China & Japan trade agreement, largest trade agreement. will not use US dollar as reserve currency. This is happening more and more, countries decreasing demand for US dollar.SEE THIS: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/8746/US_Dollar_to_lose_world_res... sanctions by US, EU. Will not buy Oil from Iran and banned Iran oil. Iran 3rd largest oil supplier. India gladly buys oil from Iran paying in GOLD. US dollar world reserve currency threatened. "America shot itself in the foot".Saudi Arabia, Obama bows. Saudi Arabia builds largest oil refinery in China. Saudi Arabia will supply China oil and not traded in US dollar, US dollar losing reserve status.Tom Fyler: When Euro crashes you will have 3-4 weeks to be prepared, get out of US fiat currency. Get gold & silver / commodities. You will know when it will happens. Watch for word: "DERIVATIVES". Learn what it is on your own. When derivatives market begins to show sign of cracking, this is the sign. GET OUT OF FIAT CURRENCY.2. Stock market not indicator of anything, do not depend on stock market to determine signs of collapse. The collapse will happen, then stock market will adjust. Too late. 3. Why Obama will not be re-elected: Key Stone Pipeline veto. Obama favoring Saudi friends, which gave millions of dollars to Obama's campaign, and wanting more money. "Obama double crossed the elite".Significance 0f Keystone Pipeline: Largest oil rig in world "liberty rig" gull island Alaska. Known large oil reserve in the world. Only way to market would be the Key Stone Pipeline. The "Elite" need this pipeline and depending on it.You will see Obama destroyed in media.4. Currency of the Elite: Gold & Silver. You should get into "Gold & Silver", buy gold & silver minted by the United States mint. Utah passed law coins minted by US mint can be used as legal tender and must be accepted anywhere in Utah. Coins should be pre 1933 to avoid confiscation. Silver minted by US mint cannot be confiscated no matter what year. Insider Trading: Congress briefed on how to inside trade (bribed) and make massive stock windfalls from bills which would be voted on. They make millions, later to be used to pass bills; vote is bought, IE: Health Care bill, Patriot Act, etc.Tom Fyler, Wall street insider. One of two of Lindsey Williams' "elite" insiders. 5. New World Order greatest danger. US sovereignty in jeopardy. Global currency to be pushed after collapse. Death of nation sovereignty for banker controls.SECRETS OF THE ELITE, DVD: 1-888-799-6111www.prophecyclub.com

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