Mysterious Sounds And Rumble Now Being Reported In Montello, 80 Miles South of Clintonville

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Here is a map of the three locations in Wisconsin experiencing strangeness right now. Clintonville and Montello with the rumbles and shaking. Fond Du Lac with the strange substance in the sewers.

"Tonight, police in Montello are investigating reports of booming sounds similar to what's been reported in Clintonville this week.

Many of the people making the reports say they hadn't even heard about what was going on in Clintonville until they began researching their own problem.

Patti Lekas said, "No one had an explanation."

In Montello, it's the talk of the town.

Lekas said, "There was a loud boom and all the windows shook. The whole house shook."

A loud rumble around 5-thirty last night immediately triggered calls to the police department.

Montello Police Chief Richard Olson said, "We have a lot of good, reliable sources that reported this pretty much community wide."

Jean Dawidziak's son heard the boom.

She says, "He was out at the farm and said mom there was this big thing, the whole house shook."

Pretty much everyone we talked to in Montello says they either heard and felt this rumble themselves or they know someone who did. One person even described it like a really bad train wreck, all the cars slamming into each other at once, right where you're standing.

Olson says, "They reported it almost as if it was under ground or ground level."

The police chief is still trying to make sense of it.

Olson says, "We are currently investigating it. We don't have an answer at this point. We've obviously checked with our typical sources such as utility companies and anybody maybe drilling or doing construction in the area and at this point in time we don't' know what it is."

Lekas says, "It would be like in the old days when you had a sonic boom and your windows rattled, but I mean it shook the entire house."

For the last three days the Clintonville community has reported similar booms.

Now 80 miles away in Montello they're worried they might have the same problem.

Lekas says, "It's not just my imagination or a couple crazy people in town. I mean, I was thinking it was an explosion but we had no flames anywhere."

But If it's anything like Clintonville it may be awhile until these people get any answers.

With a chuckle, Dawidziak said, "I would like to know what it is so it's not something underground that's going to blow up and this whole city is going to be gone or something. I would like to know. "

Today University of Wisconsin-Madison seismologist Harold Tobin said at this point he is not aware of any seismic readings or reports of the boom near Montello."

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