UFO over DALLAS - Filmed from Plane - 03/21/2012

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Mar 23, 2012
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Another strange and new video that shows an UFO on March 21 2012, filmed from plane over the Dallas - Fort Worth Metro in Texas, United States.

Because of my video "UFO over Amsterdam" (http://youtu.be/evfHsxZYuCE), I received a lot of mails, comments and other UFO videos. But this one is real amazing. It doesn't show the similar object, but this one must be flying in supersonic speed over the Dallas sky. I marked it in Slow Motion, please watch in High Definition! Maybe it's just an Airforce Plane?

UPDATE (03/23/2012): Thanks to an observant YouTuber who noticed a second UFO in the bottom right corner at 0:04 / 0:05.

Video courtesy by Ann & Jennifer Thomson, who just wanted to film the Fort Worth Downtown. Thanks for sharing!

If you also have such interesting videos, please contact me or just video response it here on my YouTube Channel!!!

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