Why I Refuse To Take Alex Jones Seriously-DELREPLY

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Why I Refuse To Take Alex Jones Seriously - DELETED REPLY

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The facts is that basically all plastic products have estrogen mimickers in it that is proven to dramatically increase sterility, prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. . . and yes: It will also screw up your brain so that people is becoming sexually disorientated.

Btw: What I just said has nothing to do with Alex Jones really, I only go with the information that I can look up and prove to my self is real. To sit there and attack anyone like that is just childish and pathetic. It looks more like up-loader is angry and out of his mind because he is jealous or just craving for attention him self.

Just try to google: "BPA CNN BBC":


and see what you find !!! It isn't "just" Alex Jones or "just" anyone else: THIS IS ALL OVER - Why? Becuase it is documented, and YOU can document this for your selfs - And you should.

CNN article: BPA exposure makes male mice less masculine, attractive - CNN.com:


To uploader: Remember to continue to act like an? idiot when talking about CNN too, ok?

uploader will just delete anything real posted - Jeee, I wonder why . . .









Some camp follower wrote:

"ModerateMartian" Quote: "Large doses of BPA may well make mice less masculine but "One big problem for experts is the scanty research on the effects of BPA in humans." and "While animal studies have shown that high levels of BPA can lead to health problems, no one really knows what low levels do.". Got that?"

My reply (PM since uploader delete and block everyone with real information - lets see if he dare post it him self):

It is either harmful to you, or it is NOT harmful to you!!! GOT THAT? You can NOT put "limits" on what is harmful, this is what idiots are doing! Right now you are out on thin ice and doesn't have a clue what you are talking about.

"ModerateMartian" Quote: "Ever heard of oxygen toxicity and water intoxication? So by you logic oxygen and water are harmful."

I talk about things like e.g. rat poison, flouraide, BPA, mercury - You know: The things this video you are trying so hard to defend is helping to promote.


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