BookRev-9:- Trinity and How it explains the Four s

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TBookRev-9:- Trinity and How it explains the Four spiritual states and Gospel - 2.
HE FOUR SPIRITUAL STATES:- Based upon the spiritual advancements, there are the four spiritual states. They are 1. "id", "HAUMAE" or "KHUDDI"; 2. "mind", "MUNN" or "NAFS"; 3. "wisdom", "BUDHI" or "AKAL"; 4. "Will", "CHITT" or "KHAEYAAL". "Id" along with the physical self becomes "ego". Upon these four states of soul are also based the four communities of Religion, which will be presented in a separate chapter 18.

ST.LUKE 12.52: "For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three". This Parable is easily explained in terms of the spiritual states of soul and it reflects the conflict between the people dominated by "ego" against those by "mind" whilst the people, who are led by "wisdom" or Holy ghost are at peace because they are the "Royal Kings" i.e. contented with their lots, in Jesus. The three dominated by "ego" are 1. family or tribal "seed" e.g. a white person may feel superiority over the black person, 2. physical strength and/or prowess, and 3. pride of the "Letters" e.g. a person who has read many books by the "letters", say on the subject of religion, may feel an air of arrogance as the Pharisees and Sadducees felt and the present theologians of "letters" still display more. Whilst the two dominated by the "mind" are 1. greed that the clever people like Judas Iscariot exercised over the simpletons and 2. worldly temptations, the third temptation of Satan to Jesus and the typical example is the Papal empire. So, there is always a conflict between the clever "cheats" led by "mind" and the "cheated", the simpletons; whilst the people led by "wisdom" or Holy ghost always live by their own "lot", contented and they exercise "mercy" in their deeds and they do not impose their own views upon the others i.e. they live by the ideals of Islam of God i.e. INSH ALLAH.

Similarly, the Samaritan woman near the well of John 4 had overpowered the temptations or limitations of both "id" and "mind" and it will be a great pleasure to give the exposition of her five husbands in the next chapter 9.

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