3/27/2012 -- Dozens of plumes erupt - 10 states at the same time -1815UTC / 215pm CDT

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A series of coinciding eruptive events .. dozens of plumes.. all appear / erupt at the same time ... 1815 UTC / 215CDT on 3/26/2012 .. Viewable throughout the south, midwest, and southwest USA -- Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina... possibly more that I did not cover in this video ... the chances of having THIS MANY WILDFIRES pop up at once sometime right before 215pm CDT --- these chances are astronomical if not on the edge of borderline IMPOSSIBLE (imo)......

Approx plume locations in Arkansas :

34°45'6.81"N , 94°11'0.39"W

35°35'56.03"N , 93°26'56.25"W

34°37'6.85"N , 93°41'3.64"W

34°59'14.25"N , 93°12'37.80"W

35°10'37.07"N , 93°35'56.10"W

approx plume locations in missouri :

37° 5'34.58"N , 91°11'30.85"W

36°54'29.07"N , 91° 6'46.49"W

approx plume locations in oklahoma :

36°22'42.98"N , 94°57'6.55"W

34° 7'25.90"N , 94°56'56.67"W

approx plume locations in texas:

33°47'4.99"N , 95°56'28.75"W

There are MANY more in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

The way to find the plume epicenter is simple

this is NOT the first plume event we have witnessed. Be aware of a possible earthquake ramification for this event.

I'm sure you've heard of the recent "rumble" and "underground explosion" reports around the USA... Wisconsin and Georgia are two examples... I think these events may actually all be related.

Personally, first hand account from my wife and I... yesterday (3/26/2012).. we felt several "rumbles" on the south side of Saint Louis Missouri... especially this afternoon. NOT a jet... clearly from the ground only... made a few things shake. I checked the charts and NOTHING showed at the CERI/SLU helicorder located at St. Louis University in downtown StL.

Did we "feel" the eruption of the event in southeast missouri today? I'm waiting to see if others report anything similar.. but the times sure match.

To see the other events and proof for their craton / volcanic / deep earth origin.. here is a link below:


Seen on college of dupage GOES visible satellite view --- 2km or 1km Visbile -- link is here:

you can still view it real time here as of 1211am CDT 3/27/2012 : http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/index.php

back dated GOES satellite images can be viewed here if the above is no longer available:



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