Clintonville: Dozens Of Louder Booms Rattle Town Again 2012

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The booms have returned in Clintonville, reportedly louder and longer than before.

"Between the times of 10:35 and 10:50 p.m., we received 60 phone calls from residents indicating that they were again hearing very loud, booming, rumbling-type noises," said Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss.

"Some were indicating that it was even louder than it was last week."

Last week, Kuss announced that geologists had discovered earthquakes of as high as 1.5 on the Richter scale in an area not known for them.

According to Kuss, these may have been more powerful, and extended for a longer period of time.

"Someone indicated that it seemed worse than last week. It also appeared that the rumbling duration lasted longer," said Kuss, who explained that the quakes of recent weeks had subsided over the weekend.

"It seemed like it was a little bit different in duration. Clearly, the intensity is back, whereas Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there (were) no events that generated that volume of calls."

Kuss tells us that the U.S. Geological Survey had not given any information yet to show that these were earthquakes.

"As of this point, they have not seen anything that they can tell, but what we learned last week was that there was quickly a delay in the information, because they don't have a lot of permanent stations here."

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