Life Beyond 2012 (Ancient Tomorrow)

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As we approach 2013, now more than ever you have to ask yourself, will you survive and live beyond 2012? This inspirational video is a message to us all that 2012 isn't the end but the beginning...that requires all of us to step up, relearn our past, and build a better tomorrow.

This is special video message from our Team at Ancient Tomorrow. We are calling everyone to join together on a mission to expose the truth of our humanity.

Ancient Tomorrow is a worldwide movement of investigators exposing ancient technologies that could better humanity's future.

We will be releasing our first documentary later this year that documents our journey to South America to explore an ancient energy technology.

IS THIS INVESTIGATION REAL? - read our latest blog for the in-depth answer....

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"Before us there were other civilizations
Some even greater than our own

there was once a time
where cities were built to last
where our energy was clean

but somewhere along the way we forgot
it was as if through history
there was a great forgetting

where we forgot everything about who we are
and where we came from

but if we are to move on beyond 2012
than we no longer can live in darkness
we must re-remember the knowledge left by our ancestors

no matter who you are
or where you come from

we all deserve to know the truth
we all know this isnt the only way to live
maybe theres something we can learn from the ancients about clean energy

the time has come for our generation to work together
to expose the truth of humanity

but in order for us to make this happen
were going to need everyone's help in this global investigation"


Narrated by: JJ Yosh (Ancient Tomorrow)
Edited by: JJ Yosh
Directed and Produced by: JJ Yosh and Ramon Govea
Sound Design: Adam Stanley
Featuring: Archaeologist, Teejay Casado; Egyptologist, Stephen Mehler; Philosopher, Ramon Govea; Botanist: Maja D'Aoust
Director of Photography (for Ancient Tomorrow footage): Chris Low


Video Inspired by: Max Schlickenmeyer
The Most Astounding Fact (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Special Thanks to: Stephen Mehler and Chris Dunn for the inspiration on ancient Egypt and Ancient Power Plants.

Our Amazing Partners: Spirit Science

Ancient Tomorrow Documentary


Please Note: We do not own any of the footage or music below. We are thankful for the courtesy to be able to freely use these clips to help deliver our message.


Music: "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson
courtesy of [Merlin] Ninja Tune Ltd


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