BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the F

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BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the Four virtues or qualities of people - 1.
The concept of four Ages, called YUGS in Panjabi, is not so well-known in the West as it is in the East. Ages are based upon the religious qualities of majority of people and the study of Ages forms a good basis for under taking religious studies.
Based upon the maximum three religious qualities - truth for children or the once-born hylics, contentment for the twice-born sensible people of the doubting type holy fathers and mercy for the twice-born wise men sealed to serve God led by holy ghost. These three qualities are acquired through "works" by the efforts of an individual when he listens to his Rabbi and these qualities are also the measures of "DHARM", faith or EEMAN. The foundation of religion is shame, SHARM or HEEYA, measure of the Salt of the earth displayed in "conscience". So, altogether we have Four components; three are qualities and the fourth is conscience. A person without conscience could not be a religious person. Typical examples are the Jews occupying the properties and houses of the Palestinians. Such people are Saltless people called Tares and they are getting bundled up in Israel for the Final Burning. Based upon the above mentioned Four, we have four religious Ages in a Cycle of Ages. The Eastern symbol of "SWASTIKA" represents this Cycle of Four Ages. I understand that Swastika is also displayed by many other countries. Use of religious symbols in politics is wrong. The significance of these four Ages is as follows:-

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