BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the F

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1. GOLDEN AGE OR SATT YUG:- This Age begins after the Atomic War in which those who have taken to sword have been killed by each other. At present, the people are preparing for the Atomic War and so, we are not far away from this Golden Age. The Tares,...

1. GOLDEN AGE OR SATT YUG:- This Age begins after the Atomic War in which those who have taken to sword have been killed by each other. At present, the people are preparing for the Atomic War and so, we are not far away from this Golden Age. The Tares, people unfaithful to Abraham, the Jews of physical self or outwardly, are also getting bundled up in Israel for the Final Burning - Matt.13.v24-30. So, this SATT YUG is the Age of bliss and happiness in which the child-like innocent and unbiased people live in harmony with Nature and they enjoy the blessings of God. In the Bible, this Age has been summarised as Adam and Eve living in the company of God, our Father. People enjoy the best fruits of the Garden of Eden. In fact, the Chosen People when they are faithful to Abraham did enjoy the best fruit of the earth. This is stressed when Moses got them out of the slavery of Egypt, made them repent for forty years in the wilderness eating dry Manna and on entering the Promised Land; they found the lost Garden of Eden. God have done many favours to the Chosen People and sent many Prophets but they maltreated them. Christ Jesus gave them heavenly Bread when He fed 5000 in the Wilderness and stressed to the Jews, “Look Moses made you eat Manna in the wilderness whereas I am feeding you most tasty heavenly Bread. And He urged them to become part of Him by eating the Flesh of Jesus, the Heavenly Bread, Gospel digesting or understanding what came out of His Mouth and Drinking the refreshing Blood of Christ, which involved Preaching Gospel from the living heart and not from the dead Bible. Preaching of Gospel also helps you to renew your “Innerman”, the Christ. They being drunk with the old wine of the Letters, took the Message in a literal sense as Nicodemus had taken the Message of re-birth. So, they proved to be not the suitable skins, full of the old wine of the Letters, to contain the New Wine unless the old wine was thoroughly flushed out as Jesus instructed the servants at Cana. Samaritans being not drunk with the old wine of the Letters possessed holy spirit to understand the Message as depicted in John4, the Samaritan Village people that honoured Christ Jesus the most. Thus, Christ Jesus came among his own but he found them drunk with the old wine desiring not the New. That is why Christ Jesus forbade His Labourers not to bring in the Jewish Leavan into the Church of God. Finally Jesus lamented as He entered Jerusalem to lay down his life as the Lamb of God. But the Messianic Jews especially the defunct or sacked Temple Priests entered into the Church of God and brought with them the Jewish Leaven Scriptures, Milk, meant for the once-born in order to lure and trap their old Temple Customers into their fold and turned the Church of God into the Synagogoue of Satan where the Temple Priest was replaced with Bishop - Matt.12.v43-45. Apostles of Christ Jesus were either killed by throwing them before the animals or burnt at stake. Thus, after killing Christ Jesus, they Judaised the Church of God and started to teach the New Testament by the letters like the Scriptures to the once-born school children. No more twice-born living in spirit were welcomed into the Church of God and they were rather proclaimed heretic and killed. There was no freedom that Christ Jesus did bring in through His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God and tearing the curtain of the Holiest of Holy requesting people to have direct approach to God through Logos learnt through logical reasoning.

Thus, most people possess all the three qualities of religion and for the quality of "mercy", which is the very "Seat" of God, Eloheim, Par Brahm, Allah, etc. represented by the Middle Candle of Menorah, the people are called "VAAS DEV" i.e. the country of Angelic people. Such people are still found deep in the jungles away from the civilisation of Mammon. In those days, everyone is a Saint and they utter Praises to our Father. Thus, there were no Rabbis or the moral laws and people displayed all the Three religious qualities among themselves and the strangers alike. All the people are Saints and no sign of cruelty. They neither know Mammon nor they hate, cheat and kill each other for the sake of Mammon. Rather they live like one people and for them the whole world is a single Nation. This is termed locking the Beast in the Bottomless Pit for thousand years and Jesus referred to this Age as the "beginning" - Matt.19.v8: "He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness (cruelty) of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the “Beginning” it was not so". The present Dark Age or KAL YUG, the last Age of the Cycle of Four Ages, is expected to end soon after the Third Atomic World War and the SATT YUG will be ushered in.

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