BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the F

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BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the Four virtues or qualities of people - 4. 3. BRASS AGE OR DOAAPAR YUG: In this Age, most people become devoid of "mercy" and "contentment". Mercy is the Light of God whilst contentment...

BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the Four virtues or qualities of people - 4. 3. BRASS AGE OR DOAAPAR YUG: In this Age, most people become devoid of "mercy" and "contentment". Mercy is the Light of God whilst contentment or righteousness is achieved by knowing the Word of God. In other words, unless the people are twice-born, they cannot be merciful and contented. Thus, the people of Doapar Age are mostly once-born and they become egoistic and stupid that they did not render honour to the Sages. They were made to worship statues of gods and goddesses in order to impart them religious education. For they being once-born, could not understand His Word delivered by the Sages and they started to cut jokes with them. Typical example is the Yadav of Doapar Yug even cut jokes with Darbasha Rishi and the result people being once-born started killing each other instead of living in peace under the law and order of their Rabbi/Pundit. They displayed the typical characteristics of the once-born natural person in which they started to derive pleasure out of the misery of their own kith and kin. A saying became popular that a stupid person ruins his own house and this specially applies to the people of Jatt tribe of mine. So, those who were not rich exercised less hatred for their kith and kin and they suffered less. Thus, to boost their ego, they expanded their empires, fought with each other over the greed of land, etc. Atrocities made them to shed blood for their rights and there was much worship of gods and goddesses as the once-born people cannot perceive God. SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI, an incarnation of demiurge god SHIV and King David are the typical prophets of this Brass Age.

By the end of this Age, most of the Rabbi/PANDITS had become corrupt but the sensible ones among them left this top most profession for the second best farming profession.

4. IRON AGE OR KAL YUG: This is the
Age in which most of the people are devoid of all the three religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy that are also the measures of faith through "works". Without these three religious qualities, there is a religious Darkness and the corrupt priests had become useless in society. In fact, the arrogance of "letters" of the Holy Books, Torah/VEDAS, made them "blind guides" of the blind that "Christ", the anointed High Priest of God, in the name of Jesus appeared among the most spiritually sick people of Judah tribe to deliver Gospel in order to cure them and to set free the Pre-destined people off the yokes of the blind guides. Thus, those Christ Jesus picked from the crowd as His Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father, their names were already written in the list of predestined people. Gospel is a beautiful and invaluable "Pearl" that enlightens the hearts of people so that they become the "children of Light" i.e. the "sons of the most high God" and thereby walk in Light through this jungle of utter Darkness. Gospel stands for "GOOD NEWS" and It is received not by the "works" but through the Grace of God and no individual can pass it on to others except through the Powers of God. Those who receive Gospel become "solitary Virgins" in that they do not follow the fashions of the world anymore. Therefore, in Jesus we are to seek Gospel through the "tool" of logical Reasoning. Further, Gospel being received through "Holy Spirit", our Mother, and not learnt by the "letters" in the universities, It is rather for the Pre-destined living people of "spirit" who by nature are unbiased and they are capable of logical Reasoning. Gospel is not for the biased and dead people of the "flesh". Also, in Jesus because you are solitary, what comes out of your own mouth that matters and, therefore, the present dog-collared or frocked priests of "letters" have no place in the ministry of Jesus but they are Anti-Christs. Rather they are nothing else but the anti-christs of Mammon who even glorify God by killing and looting the poor people. A person who receives Gospel becomes a Royal priest, i.e. a living Christ of living God, of his own standing or on individual basis and it is only the blind who seek the help of their blind guides and go through the wide gate. Thus, Gospel stands for freedom from the deceitful manly priests. In fact, for the Pre-destined people of "spirit" this Dark Age is a Golden Age for earning their own Salvation and at the same time fishing the Pre-destined spiritual men in the name of Christs Jesus and Nanak, the two anointed Christs of the Dark Age. This is termed plying the Double-edged Sword (KHANDDA) of "His Word", called NAAM in Panjabi. In the next chapter 12, the Prophets of the Dark Age would be introduced.

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