BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yug-Reason and Easter Egg

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BookRev-12:-Four Ages or Yugs are based upon the Four virtues or qualities of people - 5.
I have just done the Four Ages and I can easily explain why we have Easter Egg? According to the Four spiritual states, id, mind, wisdom and Will, we can divide the living things into four groups. These groups with some characteristics are:-
Id:- The first spiritual states of instincts that involves lesser brain and vegetation represents this state. Vegetation is rooted in the soil and they produce fruit that we eat. About this John, the Baptist stressed that every tree that does not bear fruit would be cut and burnt. Gospel applies to human beings and the Trees are the people that do not produce holy works. People who are the Salt of Earth, or the sons of Man faithful to Abraham, the wheat plants, you can expect good fruit from them. The people who are unfaithful to Abraham, the Tares, would be burnt so that the others can live in Peace. So, in this state of id, the person being egoistic cannot ponder over the abstract Word of God through logical reasoning. The person remains once-born Natural person.
Mind:- In this spiritual state the person becomes twice-born of spirit and his mind is awakened. He becomes sensible and his sensory organs give him a good feed back. Such people are said to have ears to hear His Word. Now, anything born of an egg has strong sensory organs. That is, some seeds fell on flat ground or footpaths, birds of the air, sensible people with awakened mind made sense of what the once-born hylics were uttering that he himself could not understand - Ethiopian eunuch. Birds of the air can find their nests, snakes can smell, taste, etc. Their mid brain is well developed and they are very good at gathering the information. So, the once-born Natural persons led by id cannot grasp His Word but when he becomes twice-born, then his mind is sharp as those of the birds of the air. As birds can make flights, so our minds can think or imagine too. In Nicodemus, Christ Jesus said, You see the leave moving but what makes them move, you cannot see but perceive. So, a person with awakened mind can perceive as well. So, the things born of eggs are very alert and could be harmful as people with evil spirit are harmful. So, chicken born of the egg signifies a new birth of the twice-born people who are capable of understanding Gospel or capable of eating the Juicy Flesh of Jesus. But they are no good at logical reasoning as their forebrain is not well developed.
Wisdom:- These are things born of placenta and their forebrain is more developed than the things born of eggs. They may not be having very strong sensory organs to gather information but they are good at logical reasoning. So, what mind has gathered, wisdom can vet it in spirit and analyse it. So, Christ Jesus demanded upon our logical reasoning power to derive Logos or His Word that the wisemen led by holy ghost can do the best. Doubting type led by mind are not that good as Judas Iscariot became a Traitor whilst Thomas remained sealed to serve God. This we cannot do unless mind is awakened or the person is twice-born with ears to hear His Word.
Will:- This is the Fourth Spiritual state in which the Person is One with our Father. Such people are said to possess the very Spirit of God and they can do what God can do. They can travel without physical body to help their devotees. This state is Purely Spiritual as the First id is purely of Flesh. At Pentecost when the Twelve Labourers were paid their Wage of Holy Spirit, they became the Twin-Brethren of Christ Jesus and they did what Christ Jesus used to do. They did not baptise anyone in water. Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch by Philip is a Messianic corruption, who even shifted the baptism of John, the Baptist to that of Christ Jesus in God, Son and Holy Spirit. Whereas John, the Baptist clearly stated that I am baptising you in water but the One coming after me will baptise you in Holy Spirit. Obvious corruption that the devoted stones sitting in the Churches cannot know as they are once-born. The Satan, Dog-Collared Priest happily turns these stones into bread and live lavishly.

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