BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce - Introduction t

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SUMMARY:- In Jesus, everyone is to give his own account to God. So, you cannot make a following or Disciples as Pope has made. Both commit adultery; the one who follows divorces her husband, the "innerman" and the one who makes the following ...

SUMMARY:- In Jesus, everyone is to give his own account to God. So, you cannot make a following or Disciples as Pope has made. Both commit adultery; the one who follows divorces her husband, the "innerman" and the one who makes the following or Disciples, he becomes the new husband or authority of the person, an adulterer as he cannot give his account to God. In Christ Jesus, we are Solitary Labourers employed in the Vineyard of our Father where the TRUE VINE Christ Jesus has been Planted by our Father Gardner. Narrow is the Gate to enter into this Vineyard and very Few Solitary find it by the grace of our Father. Blind Disciples cannot find this Narrow Gate or Narrow Road that leads to Salvation but the Anti-Christ Pope, Bishops, etc. leads the Disciples onto the Wide Road leading to the sectarian riots or Hell. So, in Jesus our Aim is to become Solitary and remain Solitary as Christ Jesus Himself was Solitary and He trained His Labourers to His Equal that at the Last Supper, the Temple Priests had to hire an Insider Judas Iscariot to catch Real Christ Jesus. Anyone who is short of this Standard is in the grip of Anti-Christ. Jesus was a Preacher (The Sower) of "His Word", the 'Spiritual Principles of God' also known as Logos as you derive them through logical reasoning called "GUR" in Punjabi. He was the first anointed Christ (Royal High Priest) of God, called a SATGURU in Panjabi, to appear in the present Dark Age. Jesus was not a teacher called Rabbi or Pundit of the "moral laws of Moses" that are formulated by men inspired by or in the Light of 'His Word'. Thus, Moses put on Christ at the Burning Bush experience, rejected the riches of Pharaohs and wrote "Torah" for the chosen people (and some of it to the Gentile?). Moral teacher is called a Rabbi in M.East and a PUNDIT or GURU in the East. For the roots of sound moral laws being in 'His Word', the Rabbi or PUNDITS are also said to be the witnesses (Moon) to the Light (of the Sun) but not the Lights. An ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.v52: "Therefore every moral teacher which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man (and not a woman as woman does not represent Adam but Eve) that is an householder (hereditary Priest of a temple as the people of Levi tribe are in the M.East), which bringeth forth out of his treasure (of Gnosis) things New ('His Word' that was Preached from the Oral Torah but was received only through the Grace of God and the knowledge of which also enabled the moral teachers to overrule the written Torah. Thus, the seat of 'His Word' could also be called 'Mercy' that originates from heart) and old (the Scriptures or the "letters" of the written Torah that were passed from generation to generation through "teaching" of the "letters", the old wine). Thus, John, the Baptist of Levi tribe and in the line of Aaron was an ideal moral teacher, a super ruler, who feared not the secular rulers in proclaiming his moral judgements over such moral issues as to the king Herod marrying the wife of Philip. People perfect in the moral laws are called Angels and they are both male and female as the moral laws apply to our physical bodies and not to our souls. In India, we call them DEVTA and DEVI.Whereas Jesus being not a moral teacher, He neither gave His judgements over moral issues, even on the woman caught red-handed in adultery in order to test Him, nor baptised anyone in water. The Labourers of Christ Jesus that He employed in the Vineyard of our Father where He Himself was a True Vine, were Paid their Wage of Holy Spirit by their Foreman or the Son Christ Jesus that Married the Eleven Virgins through the Ritual of Eucharist also became the Twin Brethren of Christ Jesus. So, what Christ Jesus did the same was done by the Apostles. No judgement over the moral laws or baptism of anyone in water. Ethiopian eunuch being baptised by Christ Philip is a corruption by the Messianic Jews. Through holy spirit, common sense, you can easily discern the corruptions in the New Testament. Old being the old cloth already had corruptions and became useless rotten cloth good for nothing than to poison the New Testament thoughts. New Testament has the Nectar of the Old Testament. Now, whatever applies to the "flesh", the opposite applies to "soul" e.g. the moral teachers are the super rulers, the spiritual Preachers, the Apostles, are the super Servants; the moral teachers impose their views, the spiritual Preachers do not do so but make a request; moral laws are learnt by the "letters" whereas the "Spiritual Principles" are understood in spirit through the Grace of God; moral laws are based upon the 'tit-for-tat' animal instincts whereas the "Spiritual Principles" are based upon the "spirit" of humbleness and presentation of the other cheek; etc.

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