BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce - Soul is male a

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BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce - Soul is male and Flesh is female on joining become one person - 2. Thus, some Pharisees (teachers of the moral laws, who were well drunk with the "old wine of the letters") came to test Jesus. Those arrogan...

BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce - Soul is male and Flesh is female on joining become one person - 2. Thus, some Pharisees (teachers of the moral laws, who were well drunk with the "old wine of the letters") came to test Jesus. Those arrogant Pharisees were jealous of Jesus because Jesus was the Senior Preacher of the "Spiritual Principles" that the junior teachers of the moral laws were not familiar with. Remember that least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist and these Pharisees and Sadducees were nowhere near John, the Baptist. Therefore, the arrogant and orthodox Pharisees of "letters" could not help but argue with Jesus over matters that were even not clear to themselves. The Pharisees asked (on the basis of the moral laws), "Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?" Here, the Pharisees have asked Jesus a question on the moral code of marriage and divorce in which the two persons, male and female, are involved and as they have become cruel in this Dark Age, so they and their Disciples were maltreating their wives. But as Jesus was not a "moral teacher", He answered this question, through an analogy, by dictating the "Spiritual marriage and divorce", in which the abstract self 'soul' is the 'male' that marries the concrete self 'flesh', the 'female'. And this is how Jesus dictated this very important and instructive concept of the "Spiritual marriage and divorce" between the "soul" and the "flesh" that baffled not only the arrogant Pharisees but also some of His own Labourers as well.

'Haven't you read (from the scriptures)", He replied, "that at the beginning the Creator (demi-urge shadow god Yahweh) 'made them male and female'". Now, the important genetic difference between a male and a female is that the 'male' has X-Y sex chromosome pair whilst the 'female' has X-X. So, the element 'Y' of the sex chromosome pair is called the "seed" and it is used to identify the men of different races, tribes, surnames, etc. Thus, man being the head of the family, the deeds of wife and children are accounted by the surname of the man only and not by that of the woman's family. So, for the sake of order in and unity and prosperity of the family, the wife and the children should always obey the man who is the head of individual family as Christ Jesus is the Head of collective families in the Church of God. Similarly, God has made 'soul', the symbolic 'man', to dominate over 'flesh', the symbolic 'woman'. In fact, Adam represents "water - semen" whilst woman represents universal God, which is Spirit. Now, Spirit of God is well-known to be the blood as during the Kosher, blood is drained off to signify that we earthly people eat the earthly flesh of the animal and not the soul or life that belongs to God. So, no harm done to God by killing the animals and eating their flesh only. What a hypocrisy? That is why Christ Jesus stressed that unless you are born of flesh that needs covenant with their tribal elders such as Abraham and Adam to make you a son of Abraham or Man and of blood that gives life to flesh otherwise it will develop gangrene and flesh will die, you cannot have Salvation. Using this symbolic language, Jesus said, "For this cause shall a man (soul) leave Father, God and Mother, Holy Spirit (God is the Father of all souls, Who protects us and 'Holy Spirit' is our Mother that enables us to perceive our Father through feeding to us "His Word"), and shall cleave (inseparable union) to his wife (flesh); and they twain (soul and flesh) shall be one flesh (person)?" This Spiritual Principle of marriage is just the opposite of the moral code of marriage in which it is the wife that leaves her mother and father (bride is given away in the marriage by her father) to join her husband. Further, this spiritual marriage between the 'soul' and the 'flesh' dictated by Christ Jesus takes place in the very womb of the woman on her conception of the baby whereas the moral marriage between a boy and a girl takes place outside in the physical world. Also, the moral codes of marriage have exceptions in that if the father of the girl is dead, then her uncle can give her away in the marriage whereas the Spiritual Principles of marriage have no exceptions. That is, "His Word" is absolute Truth, called "SATT" in Panjabi, and, therefore, whatever Jesus did say is an absolute Truth and whosoever shall disobey 'His Word' will definitely suffers. It is worth mentioning here that the ladies for providing the egg full of blood that creates flesh are complementary to God in the procreation of mankind. For this cause, the women in general are more merciful than the men and they also love and worship God more than the men who provide the "seeds" for the identification of flesh.

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