BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce Parable. One who

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BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce Parable. One who follows others divorces his own man and the one who accepts the followers become Adulturer. -3.
The Pharisees being the 'blind guides', they could not follow Jesus and said; "Why then", they asked, "Moses (one of the Prophets of moral laws) commanded that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?" Here, the arrogant Pharisees quoted the 'moral code of marriage and divorce' as lay down by Prophet Moses. Jesus replied, "Moses permitted you to divorce your wives (acquired by them under the moral codes of marriage) because your hearts were hard (because you had become cruel to your wives for the lack of "Holy spirit"). But it was not this way from the beginning. That is, in the times or Age when Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden and enjoying the company of God, the people used to be shameful, truthful, contented and merciful. I tell you (now Jesus outlines the 'Spiritual Principle of divorce' between the 'soul' and the 'flesh') that anyone who divorces his wife except for marital unfaithfulness (now 'soul', the 'man', is married to 'flesh', the 'wife' and it is the duty of both to be faithful to each other. That is, the 'soul' after learning the moral laws from the moral teacher and seeking the Spiritual Principles of life through Grace of God should guide the 'flesh' wisely otherwise the 'flesh' may get itself killed pre-maturely as in the cases of sectarian riots and in such a case it is the 'soul' that is to be blamed for being unfaithful to the 'flesh'. In the same way, the 'flesh' must keep itself in a hale and hearty condition by obeying the moral laws of life taught by a moral teacher (Pharisee) so that the 'soul' could enjoy his stay in the 'flesh', i.e. the spiritual marriage, and also can serve God to his best ability for earning the Wage of Salvation or Eternal Life. On the other hand if the 'flesh' does not obey the moral codes of life learnt by the soul such as the washing of hands before eating, clipping of nails, circumcision, etc. and as the result of it, the flesh gets sick and dies, then the soul will reject (divorce) such an unfaithful and lazy body and will return to his Parents). There is another aspect as well. Saul's conscience, innerman, the soul was not happy persecuting the Labourers of Christ Jesus but his wife flesh in order to please the Temple Priests carried on the persecutions for extrinsic praises of Priests. Here, the wife, flesh was unfaithful to the innerman of Saul and she had divorced her man, the soul, the innerman and married the Temple Priests who used her as fanatic. Also, the Temple Priests by creating a mountain of fanatics by subduing the conscience of other persons, and the Temple Priest becomes the person's head which then becomes a man, the conscience or soul of the Temple Priest, then the Temple Priests commits adultery as he cannot give other people's accounts to God. Pope, Bishops, Dog-Collared hireling clerics, etc. also fall into this category of adultery for they cannot give the account of their Disciples to God. Labourers of Christ Jesus have Christs in their hearts and they keep their woman Virgin suitable for Marriage to the Son, our Bridegroom Christ Jesus. Solitary spiritually awakened Labourers and not the blind Disciples in Christ Jesus form Fellowships of living Christs and not of the dead in Letters Disciples. This is called the Temple Priest or Pope having another woman in the form of a fanatic that act like the blind Disciples as the John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc. had, commits adultery (then such a person, Pope, Bishop, etc. becomes a son of Satan, spiritual bastard, in a sense worse than those produced in moral adultery, of his own free-will) and whoso marrieth her which is put away, as Saul lent his physical body, wife, to the Temple Priests as a fanatic, doth commit adultery". That is, a person making a following of the spiritually blind Disciples as Pope, Bishops, Clerics, etc. do, they commit adultery as they cannot give anyone's account to God. In Jesus, unlike the John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc. everyone is to give his own account to God. So, become Solitary as Christ Jesus and His Labourers were that could enter into the Vineyard of our Father through the Narrow Gate meant for the Solitary persons.

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