BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce Parable is for t

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BookRev-11:- Marriage and Divorce Parable is for those who have ears - 4. The Labourers said to Him, "If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry". This remark by the Labourers signifies that this Parable, which is difficult even for them to understand how could the blind Pharisees have understood it? But Jesus replied, "All men cannot receive this Saying, save they to whom It is given".

Finally, the three types of "eunuchs" have already been explained in chapter 6 on "The Hajj". Let me give a brief exposition. Some eunuchs were born from the womb of the woman:- These are the bastards born of the prostitutes who for having no certain seed are not allowed to marry to reproduce more "seedless" bastards. Jesus mentioned them as the Mustard Seed, who could become Great Saints to Preach Gospel. Birds of the air mean sensible people whose mind is awakened. Some eunuchs were made by men:- These are the people who change their political stand from tribal to non-tribal political parties such as Labour, Conservative, Communist, etc. That is, if a country belongs to the tribal people then the tribal people should elect their tribal representative and not anyone else. And finally, some became eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven:- John, the Baptist was born in a Levi family and his father was Zachariah. But John did not represent his family surname. So, He renounced the secular world for celestial world by taking on to Wilderness. More details in lectures.

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