World Transformation Movement

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Very interesting and thought-provoking movement by this Aussie biologist. . Hopefully this catches on.

It’s a psychological (and biologically-based) approach to individual change, instead of believing that there is an external cause that needs to be changed that will alter the plight of the world. It’s us, each of us. Inside ourselves, that has created this fast destabilizing world we live in. …how we tend to distract ourselves from the world around us in hundreds of different ways, etc… I know most of you will probably delete this, but hopefully some of you will have the fortitude to at least examine it thoroughly. Nothing will change on this planet (and it’s in serious sh-t) otherwise.

Before you think I’m a complete loon, this is endorsed by over 100 major scientists world-wide, including Steven Hawkings, Richard Leakey, etc, etc, etc. It’s not some new-age nutbar cult thing.

Superficial changes (e.g. technology, policy, etc) won’t alter our planet and our existence here, nor will it change us as a collective, or individuals. The site explains the difference between , and provides an understanding of, our gene-based instinctive orientating system and our nerve-based conscious understanding system, and how they conflict within our species creating 'the human condition'.

If you’re interested, here you go. (be forewarned it’s a lot of listening, hours of video, something not to rush through). I’m still evaluating this but so far makes perfect sense. I think there’s a membership if you want to go farther, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

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