BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.

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BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in and Two in India - 1. PROPHETS OF THE GOLDEN DARK AGE Prophets are the "sinless" people who are blessed with the "Holy Spirit" of God right from Their conceptions and They are sent...

BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.East and Two in India - 1.
Prophets are the "sinless" people who are blessed with the "Holy Spirit" of God right from Their conceptions and They are sent by God for specific purpose. Thus, the Prophets come to announce the "Will of God" as appropriate.
Religion stands for man's duty towards God and according to nature or more precisely the Four spiritual types of people; religion could be classified into four communities. The FOUR communities of religion and their relevant Prophets are as follows:-
FIRST COMMUNITY FOR CHILDREN: - This is the universal community for the once-born children, who are normally dominated by "ego", to learn the moral laws for good behaviour in society from a moral teacher called a PANDIT in India and a Rabbi in M.East. Children behave like a Natural once-born man and if they are not disciplined or tamed, then they may fight with each other like the animals to become head hunters. So, they are sent to the school teacher Rabbi, who teaches them the moral laws and sees that they follow him as a Disciple. Thus, Disciples are slave students to the Rabbi whereas Rabbi himself is a Freeman but with no Freewill as he himself is bound by those moral laws that he teaches; otherwise he will be a hypocrite. Thus, the people perfect in the moral laws are called Angels and they are subject to the moral laws and sins. At the times of Christ Jesus, most of the Temple Priests they were themselves transgressing the moral laws or were sinners, then how could they lead their Disciples suitable for the kingdom of heaven? Rabbis became greedy and even usurped the properties of the widows as the present Churches are doing on a larger scale - Matt.12.v43-45. That is why Christ Jesus condemned those soft spoken hypocrites and warned people to be careful of them. I also condemn these Dog-Collared hireling Priests in the Churches working for Mammon but their congregations love them. You need Christ in your heart to bear the Cross of hatred. On the contray, the village Rabbis especially of the Gentiles, they were not sinners themselves, led their people to peaceful living and prepared them suitable for Harvesting by Christ Jesus - John4. Whereas Saints in the name of Christ Jesus are Freemen as well as they have Freewill but they are no more slaves to sins but Righteousness. Ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52.
The children being led by "instincts", the moral laws are based upon the "Tit-for-tat" principle. Tit-for-tat principle works if the moral teachers are capable of dispensing justice tempered with the "Spirit of God" i.e. "mercy". But as the moral teachers become greedy and biased or unrighteous, God took "His Spirit" away from them and they were left with the dead "letters" to ply for their living. The presence of the "Spirit of God", the Light, in a person is noted by his "solitary" nature in that he is no more under the sway of the Temple Priests or the secular authorities of Mammon but the spiritual authority of God. Thus, John, the Baptist had the Light of God or Christ in his heart and he was solitary not swayed by the secular authorities as the corrupt Temple Priests were. Also, Prophet Moses after the Burning Bush experience of God speaking to Him put on Christ and became Solitary. With the support of God, he went to Egypt to get the Chosen People Freed. The whole ordeal of the Chosen People Christ Jesus has described in the Parable of Prodigal Son in which the younger son Isaac became unfaithful to Abraham and suffered. The significance of the chosen people of Isaac against the non-chosen people of Ishmael must be understood in order to appreciate the "Will of God". The chosen people being a Nation of Priests has been allocated "Promised Land" that is all Holy. Thus, whenever the chosen people are "faithful" to Adam by becoming the sons of Abraham, then they not only become the "salt of the earth", the "sons of Man" or faithful to Abraham but they also enjoy the best fruit of their Promised Mother Land, the Real Garden of Eden. But what makes a man faithful to Adam? This planet earth belongs to Adam and it is for the habitation of the "sons of Man or Adam". A man is said to be a "son of Man" if he represents Adam by "seed" i.e. through race and tribe. Thus, the patrilineal people are the sons of Man whilst the matrilineal people are not because a woman has no "seed". Woman is rather a partner to God in the procreation. Further, one does not become a patrilineal by mere proclamation but through "deeds" and this was well stressed by John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of the "kingdom of heaven" and the First Prophet Elijah of this Dark Age, in Matt.3.9: "And think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones (simpletons or the Gentile, which the arrogant Jews

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