BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.

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BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in and Two in India - 2. .......these stones (simpletons or the Gentile, which the arrogant Jews called them Goyeshi Koppa, thick-headed people) to raise up children unto Abraham". Thus, John, the Bap...

BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.East and Two in India - 2. .......these stones (simpletons or the Gentile, which the arrogant Jews called them Goyeshi Koppa, thick-headed people) to raise up children unto Abraham". Thus, John, the Baptist baptised sensible Jewish men of age in the name of Abraham and refused to baptise those who were Jews outwardly and not inwardly. Thus, the Temple Priests were not the "sons of Man or of Abraham" but Saltless people.
For the same reason, Jesus was born of a Virgin among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe at Bethlehem, the birth place of Angelic King David, gave them seventy years to repent before taking the Holiest of Holy Temple in the world away from them for ever - Matt.21.33. In short, the chosen people behave like a spoilt child as mentioned by Jesus in Luk.15.11 and they suffer.
It is worth stating here that for the woman having no "seed", they cannot either be a moral teacher (Rabbi) or baptise people in the name of Abraham. Now, the Temple Rabbis had become crook and hypocrite that Christ Jesus rebuked them heavily. The Rabbis in the Gentile villages were efficient and they produced a good Crop for Christ Jesus to harvest as in the Samaritan Village of John4. Thus, John, the Baptist was the first Prophet of Dark Age who made the people especially the Jews, the “sons of Abraham or of Man", Salt of Abraham, righteous and just people, so that Christ Jesus could preach them into becoming the "sons of God". Sons of Satan, the unfaithful to Abraham Tares became the staunch enemies of Christ Jesus and they gave false testimony against Christ Jesus at His Trial whilst a handful of the sons of Abraham testified that Christ Jesus was a good man. But who listens to the handful when the majority condemns you? That is, give a dog a bad name and hang him has become the fashion of the world. So, sons of Man, Salt of the earth, faithful to Abraham righteous persons are needed in order for Christ Jesus to Fish them into the Royal Kingdom of God.
SECOND COMMUNITY FOR ADULTS:- Normally adults around 30 become sensible enough to perceive their True Father God in their lives and this perception of God in them is known through the first fruit of "Holy spirit", the "Agape". This Fruit develops in those who come to know that they were not born male or female, black or brown, rich or poor, etc. of their own freewill but by the Will of our Father. Such people do not hate others on the basis of their births as St.James, the Just stressed to the Jews who were fleecing the Goyeshi Koppa Gentiles. For only the "sons of Man" being capable of becoming the "sons of God", thus John, the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, the First Anointed Christ of God. Jesus preached Gospel of Liberation, "His Word", which is the very Root of the moral laws, in the manner of a Sower. Through Gospel, Jesus replaced the hereditary crook manly Priests of Moses as they were in the Temple, the Winepress that was destroyed for producing no Fruit depicted in the Fig Tree having no Fruit but beautiful leaves as represented by the Temple Building. These crook Priests were replaced by the Solitary Royal Priests that Preached Gospel, "His Word" direct to the public like a Sower. They urged people to worship God in Truth and spirit. Thus, Preaching of Gospel is open to all, men and women alike -Matt.21.41:"....will let out His vineyard unto other husbandmen (Royal Preachers of Royal Father God), which shall render Him the fruits (fishing of men), in their seasons (the Dark Age)". Thus, the old covenant of Moses in "letters or moral laws", which are the embodiments of "works and rituals”, was superseded by the New Covenant of "spirit", which is received only through the "Grace" of God and those who live by "spirit" and Truth live eternally in the "Royal Kingdom of God". Thus, the present dog-collared priests, who are neatly dressed like a cup shining from outside, have no place in the ministry of Jesus but they rather fulfil Matt.12.v43-45 making the situation worse than before.
Further, Jesus promised His second coming in Matt.24.27 and appeared in India in 1469 in the name of Nanak, the second Anointed Christ of God called a "SATGURU". Thus, the Prophets of the second community for imparting spiritual knowledge that enables a person to overcome the Five wishes of "mind" were Christ Jesus and Christ or SATGURU Nanak Devji. Temple of God called the HAR-MANDIR Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab, is the same Holiest of Holy Temple of God that used to be in Jerusalem and was destroyed in 70 CE for ever. Those who develop faith in God after practising "His Will" are called "Puritans" or "KHALSAS".

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