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BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.

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BookRev-13:Four Prophets of the Dark Age-Two in M.East and Two in India - 3.
FOURTH COMMUNITY OF APOSTLES:- Some Puritans who did not like to take onto the sword became the Roving Preachers of God, the Apostles, in the names of Jesus and Nanak. In India, the AKAAL TAKHT in Amritsar is the Seat of NIRMALLAE (White-hearted) SANTS or Apostles. But today, spiritually blind crooks are occupying this Holiest of Holy Royal Throne where the crooks full of the blood of the poor people sucked through bribes are honoured. Greater the crook, greater the reward offered to encourage him to fleece people more. Crooks thrive on bribery. Thus, the HAR-MANDIR SAHIB, well-known as the Golden Temple, in Amritsar is the sacred most God's Temple for the second community of Sikhs and the AKAAL TAKHT for the Fourth community of Apostles or the Royal Preachers of God called NIRMALLAE SANTS. Today, it is the seat of utter Darkness much worse than the Jerusalem Temple.
For there being nothing related in the above Complex to the third community of Soldier KHALSAS, the Philanthropic warriors of God, the Royal King Gobind Singh Ji never visited this Holy Complex in His life time. Therefore, carrying of weapons into this world's most Holiest of Holy Complex in Amritsar is to defile the sanctity of the Holy Complex and the results are quite obvious. In fact, Sikhs being the learners or students of Spiritual Knowledge, the Gnosis, have no external enemies to fight against but the five internal spiritual robbers that the Samaritan Woman at well had overpowered. Thus, the NIRMALLAE SANTS, the Apostles like the Sikhs, ply the "Double-edged Sword (KHANDDA)" of "His Word" and exercise humility and word-of-mouth in fighting the sons of Satan. In fact, Akal Takht is called the wrestling Field (AKHARRA) of the Preachers of His Word. As the most powerful Kings of Darkness of Khatri tribe occupied the Harmandir Sahib of the Sikhs and denied access to Last on earth Christ = Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, so they threw the Apostles off the Akal Takht as well to create utter Darkness. No wonder, the spiritually blind suffer holocausts by their own people and in this Age of Christ, you cannot blame a third person but you yourself for not learning the Gospel Truth Light that saves lives. My late father turned 2000 people of Arian village who were Mohammedans from foe to our best Friends in Allah when he told them that the outwardly of flesh tribal people are going to fight and die and not the spiritual inwardly selves Sikhs and Muslims. Not a single Jew died during the Holocausts is a Gospel Truth that the hireling Dog-Collared Anti-Christs dare not Preach in their Churches but the sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods that kill many in Holocausts.
But to-day, the NIRMALLAE SANTS or Apostles are camping outside the Holy Complex whilst the married householder BANDEI MALAISH (imposter) KHALSAS hungry of political power are occupying the AKAAL TAKHT, the Eternal Throne for the Eternal sons/Sons of God. Such people without the Real Qualities are called Super Donkeys. The people of the FOURTH community being Perfectly Sealed to serve God, they do not stand in the need of a Prophet.
Finally, this Dark Age being the "Age of spirit", and not of the "letters", it is a "GOLDEN AGE" for the predestined people of spirit to amass His Treasures either by "fishing the people" through preaching 'His Word' or by fighting the stubborn sons of Satan with sword, the KIRPAAN, Power as a Khalsa Soldier.

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