April 5th, 2012 - 4 Ahau - Time Resonance (Burner Day) - Timewave Zero Event?

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John Major Jenkins' audio track and Terence McKenna's Time Wave Intersecting on 4 Ahau, a peak on the Time Wave--a Time Resonance and a "Burner Day". The "Burner Days" could also be called "buffering days" inasmuch as t...

John Major Jenkins' audio track and Terence McKenna's Time Wave Intersecting on 4 Ahau, a peak on the Time Wave--a Time Resonance and a "Burner Day".

The "Burner Days" could also be called "buffering days" inasmuch as the contained energies are then released (resentment, remorse, injustice, social discontent). According to the way they are dealt with by individuals or societies, these should be regarded as purification days, karmic purge, crisis outbreak and brutal energy release or stress pacifier. Everything will depend on the manner the valve is opened, whether intentionally or with tact or brutality under the pressure of the energies.

- All the Burner Days have the same number as the one of the birth day.
- The number/birth glyph couple is the direction of the birth glyph Burner Day (for instance, South for AHAU).

For the other three Burner Days, they have a span of 65 days (or 5 trecenas), and there are several ways for determining them:

The global Burner Days belong to the Mayan tradition. Aligned on the Long Count calendar dates which started -- we could say "was born" -- on a 4-AHAU. The Ancient Mayas celebrated these four Burner Days through mass rituals in the course of which they would have huge fires and the Mayans would walk on embers (hence the term "Burner Days"). These rituals were the opportunity for easing the tensions and assure cohesion in the community. They were proclaimed 20 days ahead (i.e., the precise day of the previous Burner Day glyph) for everyone to get prepared. These celebrations still take place in some Mayan communities.

April 5, 2012~4-AHAU~Masculine

December 21, 2012~4-AHAU~Masculine~Archeological End of the Long Count Calendar

Everyone has their own Burner Days. Being aware of the fact allows us to get ready for these particular days and to avoid an excess of pressure. The way to deliberately release this pressure varies according to the person; it can be through a gymnastic session, a trekking, a solitary retreat, a visit to a place dear to the person, a holiday... It is important to note that the Burner Day is more the indication of a period than a precise and imperative calendar date. Should you feel the pressure is rising, there is no need to wait for the Burner Day, you might just as well release it a few days before. You can also spread the pressure valve opening process starting a few days before and after the Burner Day.


Why is the 4 Ahau pattern so significant? (The date known as "4 Ahau" only occurs once more before its last/next appearance on the 13th Baktun. This date is April 5, 2012. Is Venus a morning star or an evening star on this date? In what constellation does It/He/She appear on April 5th and on the date? What shape does Venus trace out in the sky over 8 years? Why is the Venus transit of 2004 and 2012 so attention-getting in this Maya and other Indigenous cultural contexts? What about Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions might be helpful in tracking the 13 baktun cycle? ~MIKE RUGGERI

Audio Track: From Disc 3 of "Unlocking the Secrets of 2012" with John Major Jenkins-Track entitled "Understanding the Prophecy of 2012"

Unlocking the Secrets of 2012: Galactic Wisdom from the Ancient Skywatchers (2007). John Major Jenkins. 3 CDs, audio, 3 1/2 hours. Sounds True (Louisville, Colo.). $24.95

Did the ancient Mayans predict that the "end of time" would occur in 2012 . . . or is that a modern misunderstanding of their intended message? Respected author and researcher John Major Jenkins goes to the source—the original Mayan calendar found in the city of Izapa—to fi nd the astonishing answers. On Unlocking the Secrets of 2012, he reveals that Mayans believed 2012 was not an ending, but a central point in the rhythmic succession of human history. "The Mayan shamans recorded essential spiritual wisdom for those who are alive at key moments in the cosmic cycle," Jenkins explains. "As 2012 draws nearer, it becomes more and more important that we understand what they had to teach."

In the growing interest surrounding the year 2012, John Major Jenkins has emerged as the most knowledgeable and trusted expert on ancient Mayan culture and its beliefs. Join him on Unlocking the Secrets of 2012 to discover the timeless, perennial wisdom passed down from these extraordinary early astronomers—and why their message is so important to us today.


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