BookRev-14:- Heaven And Hell is of this world and

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BookRev-14:- Heaven And Hell is of this world and key is Peace through Law and Order-1. CHAPTER THIRTEEN. HEAVEN AND HELL
Many people believe that heaven and hell are not of this world but something special that is beyond this world where we end-up after our death. That is not so. Heaven and hell being related to our "works" or physical body and not to the "grace" of God and soul, they are of this world. Thus, when the people go by the ten commandments, then there is a perfect law and order, which is nothing else but living in heaven; the reverse not obeying the ten commandments brings in "hell" in the society. At present, Sri Lanka is a living example of "hell" as in the times of King Ravan i.e. in TRETA YUG, Lanka, and not then Sri Lanka, it was a "heaven" to live in.
The honest Rabbis or PANDITS, who enforced the ten commandments like a super ruler possessed the "keys" to the kingdom of heaven but not the corrupt hypocrites who will teach the moral laws but they themselves did not practice that dominated the society at the times of Jesus; Matt.23.13:"But woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in". To set an example of an honest and devoted Rabbi, God sent John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi Priest of Moses, to "teach" the men moral laws of Moses for bearing good "works", so that Jesus, the anointed "Christ of God" could "Preach" 'His Word' to the conscientious "sons of Man", called "salt of the earth", into the eternal Royal Kingdom of God for the gracious "sonship of God", the saints.
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN:- Kingdom of heaven is for the "sons of Man", who are referred to as the "wheat plants" in the Parable of "Wheat and Tares" -Matt.13.24-30. Thus, Adam was created by the demiurge god of flesh "YAHWEH", the "creator" who made male and female, and he is well-known for "jealousy and revenge" as expected of natural once-born men and those who establish their covenant with Adam are called the "sons of Man". Mere proclamations that we are all from Adam do not necessarily make a person "son of Man" but you have to actually represent Adam by "seed" in the appropriate secular affairs. "Seed" of Adam is represented through races, tribes and surnames.
Now, we perform three types of secular affairs and they are:-
1. Social that are between mother, father, brothers, sisters and other relations and friends,
2. Economical that are associated with your profession and involve employers and trade unions, etc. and
3. Political that are related to the politics of country in which the "seeds of Adam", mainly the tribes, play the major role.
Thus, the countries being the homes of tribes, the political affairs are of the people of the dominant tribe/tribes. If a single tribe dominates the country, then the country is called a "fatherland"; otherwise it is a "motherland". For example, England being the tribal home of the people of English tribe, it is a "fatherland" and so are the countries Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Afghanistan, etc.; whereas Great Britain, India, Pakistan, U.S.A., etc. are the "motherlands".
Therefore, when the countries are politically ruled by the god-given tribes, then the people are said to be the responsible "sons of Man", the wheat plants but when they are ruled by the irresponsible and non-tribal man-made political parties such as Labour, Conservative, SDP, Congress, Communist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc. then they are said to be the irresponsible "sons of Satan", the "tares".
The breaking of covenant with Adam in flesh becomes clear in political parties that are based upon the religious communities on understanding: "A Jew is one who is inwardly i.e. of the heart or spirit, and not outwardly i.e. of the flesh"; whereas the non-tribal political parties such as Labour, Conservative, etc. have no country of their own to defend or represent.
The darkness or ignorance of people in Adam, our father in "flesh", is further reflected by people having compound surnames that represent the "seeds" of two men. How could a person be conceived of the two physical fathers? If this is the knowledge of Adam exercised even by some prominent bishops, then you can well imagine the knowledge that they will have of our Father in Spirit? They are the blind guides of the blind.
Such things would not have happened if ideal Rabbis like John, the Baptist, were present to guide the people into the "sonship of Man". Acts like the injustice, racism, discrimination, etc. are expected from the irresponsible "tares" and not from the responsible "sons of Man". Good works and charity count towards the rebirth in Adam, in whom we are born and die.

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