BookRev-14:- Heaven And Hell is of this world and

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BookRev-14:- Heaven And Hell is of this world and key is Peace through Law and Order-2. Typical example of the kingdom of heaven was the return of Jews of spirit into the lush green Promised Land after the exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses. Moses...

BookRev-14:- Heaven And Hell is of this world and key is Peace through Law and Order-2. Typical example of the kingdom of heaven was the return of Jews of spirit into the lush green Promised Land after the exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses. Moses himself did not enter the Promised Land otherwise the Blessing of our Father God would not have been glorified but that of the man Moses.
ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD:- The people of "flesh" who had and do perform good deeds or works that are pleasing to God are blessed by Him with "spirit" to perceive Him as well. Such sensible people of spirit are said to be twice-born and this is known through the basic qualities of "Divine Love called Agape and Service". Their Royal High Priest is Jesus, the anointed Christ of God and they have covenant with God in spirit. They Preach 'His Word' in honour of their anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. Such a covenant entitles them to become the "sons of God, the Most High". They are called Christs or Saints and they become "eternal" like their Eternal Father God. This is the "Salvation".
Now, stories like "Saul" turned "Paul" may give rise to some questions. The answers to such questions are with the people who are blessed with "Holy Spirit", the very Spirit of God but as we are being blessed with the "spirit of Man", we can only know and tell the things of men. Saul earned his Wage of Holy Spirit not through works but for his conscience and devotion to serve God. Saul being a Roman was the Salt of earth and for this he told fanatics stoning St.Stephen to death, “Look. He is praying for you and you are stoning him to death?” That is, have some sense. For his heart being not with what his body was doing to please the Temple Priests, that St.Stephen handed him his Tunic and that earned him the Holy Spirit through Lightening at the Damascus Gate.
Finally, the kingdom of heaven being related to "flesh", it is capable of being "seen" by people in law and order whilst the "Royal Kingdom of God" being of the "spirit", it is just the opposite and is always "perceived" in the hearts of people through the qualities of God i.e. the kingdom of heaven is outside in the world whilst the Royal Kingdom of God is within our hearts as the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person displayed. Further, our Father in Spirit is "Loving and Merciful" unlike the demiurge god of flesh or Nature, "YAHWEH", who is "jealous and revengeful" like the natural once-born man.
KINGDOM OF HELL:- This is the kingdom where the "tares", 'sons of Satan', dominate. This Dark Age is ideal for the flourishing of such kingdoms and they flourish more openly in the East than in the West. In such kingdoms, there is no justice and the people formulate their own "moral laws" ignoring the basic "Spiritual Principles", Gospel or 'His Word'. That creates "chaos" in their kingdoms and the people suffer.
Typical scenes of hell were the suffering of people at the fall of Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D., which was well described by Eusebius and, presently, they are the sectarian riots in India, Lebanon, N.Ireland, etc. and the wars for Mammon and for the safe guarding of the Antichrists e.g. the Popes, the Crusades. But according to the Gospel, by the year 2015 or so, all the "tares" will be burnt away to fulfil the Saying of Jesus in Matt.15.13:"Every plant (person) which my heavenly father (the Creator demiurge god Yahweh called Brahma in Punjabi or Khuda in Arabic) hath not planted (who has lost his tribal identity in Adam), shall be rooted up (shall be killed along with his supporters)". In this uprooting process, Israel is expected to lead the way in 2012 end when it is expected to attack Iran or some other country making Atomic Bombs. It will start Great Tribulations and the split of countries; pro-Russia and pro-USA will happen and around the same time of the year in 2015 or so when the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., we should expect the Final Atomic Judgement War. Injustice would be at peak in the Punjab where the Holiest of Holy Akal Takht Complex is situated. Harmandir Sahib is the Hospital for the spiritually sick crooks. South India will be the most Peaceful place to live in India as the people have tribal shame or they remain the Salt of earth.
Finally, God does not want to know the "tares" and for this reason Jesus was born of a Virgin because the Jews had become the Jews of flesh, the tares, rather than the Jews of spirit or of the circumcision of heart.
Second and the Greatest of all the Christs, Anointed Christ (SATGURU) Nanak Devji said,"KARMI AAWAE KAPRRA, NADRI MOKH DAWAAR" i.e. through "works" one gets a human or non-human rebirth and it is only through "grace" that you get "salvation". Therefore, do not waste your precious gift of human birth but rather use it diligently in the service of God by putting into practice the various gifts of "Holy Spirit".
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