BookRev-15:Ideal Church of God; One Fold One Sheph

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BookRev-15:Ideal Church of God; One Fold One Shepherd Christ Jesus - 1. CHAPTER FOURTEEN - IDEAL CHURCH
If Jesus were to return to-day, He would be very much surprised and upset to find so many of the denominations. In fact, these denominations are like the blind men describing an elephant. For example, John, the Baptist was not a light but a witness to the Light, i.e. an Angel but not a Saint, so in the Baptist Churches that belong to John, the Baptist, an ideal Priest of Moses, what sense does it make to sing the songs of Jesus? Therefore, let us first appreciate the reasons for the coming of Jesus before we can speak about the Church that He came to establish.
Jesus is known to everybody as the Light of this Dark Age but what created the Darkness so that this Light, the Christ of God, had to appear!!!
Before Jesus, we used to have Rabbis who were the Priests of Moses and the synagogues where the "written Torah" of Moses was read could also be called the temples of Moses. An ideal Priest of Moses has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52. The "written Torah" being passed from generation to generation is also called the "old cloth" and the corruptions in it are the "holes". These corruptions could be rectified or darned by the spirit of "His Word" only i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to demolish it -Matt.5.17. When Christ Jesus was Twelve, he stayed behind in His Father's House and explained to the Doctors of Law the roots of their Moral Laws or He darned the holes created by the corrupt Priests. At the same time, you cannot patch the old cloth with the New Cloth of Jesus i.e. you cannot mix the "written Torah", the "letters" of Moses with the New Testament of "Spirit". They are not just compatible as a Natural once-born man is not compatible with the Twice-Born spiritual person.
On the Priests of Moses becoming materialistic and corrupt, God took the spirit to understand 'His Word' or the 'Oral Torah' away from them and they were left with the dead "letters" of the written Torah to ply with for their living. The "letters", old wine, created so much Darkness that they even hated Jesus when He was healing the sick people on Sabbath, a holy day to be best celebrated through performing holy works or deeds! So, without "spirit" or common sense, the people were led by their blind guides of the letters and Jesus, the anointed Royal High Priest (Christ) of God appeared to introduce to us the living God of Spirit through the Living Gospel, which is received only by those who are predestined by God e.g. the born-blind man of John 9, whose eyes Jesus opened with spittal. Jesus preached Gospel like a Sower and only those who were twice-born and, therefore, had ears to hear 'His Word', understood and followed Him of their own accords or Freewills.
Now, Jesus hired twelve labourers, which the crook Messianic Jews called the blind Disciples with no Freewills. They were twelve because they had to teach the rectified moral laws of Moses in honour of John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi Priest of Moses. Moses' moral laws are concerned with seven types of works that are represented by the seven candles of Menorah. Three holy represented by the right hand three of the Middle Candle of God and three evil on the left hand side. At the times of Moses, the Three on the right hand were heavier with virtues than on the left hand side but with the passage of time, the situation reversed and the evil dominated the holy works needing a Prophet greater than Moses our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. The remaining five are related to the five temptations of heart that are lust for sex that leads to immorality, anger, greed, worldly temptations and haughtiness, which were also the five husbands of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) that she had overpowered i.e. they were living with her but dominating or husbanding her no more. These Five Husbands are well known to the Sikhs of the Second Anointed Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji but today, they mostly spiritually blind fanatics. The character or nature of these five is also stated in Luk.12.52: "For from henceforth there shall be five in one house (body) divided, three against two, and two against three". Thus, all the Five are within your own body and there is a struggle between them. The first "three" are related to "Ego" that the once-born simpletons of "flesh" are victim of, which are (1). Tribal "ego" of 'seed', that I am of higher family than the others, (2) Ego of 'physical skill or prowess' such as wrestling, football, etc., which makes a person big-headed and he displays "Anger" called KARODHH against others. An egoistic person thinks that he is wiser than anyone else. Thus, an egoistic person resents when he cannot understand the matters of spirit and

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