BookRev-15:Ideal Church of God; One Fold One Sheph

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BookRev-15:Ideal Church of God; One Fold One Shepherd Christ Jesus - 2. That is how the Christianity was killed and by 350 , this non-sense Nicene Creed, in which Christ was killed and rose again non-sense amply reflect the degree of Darkness. That is,...

BookRev-15:Ideal Church of God; One Fold One Shepherd Christ Jesus - 2. That is how the Christianity was killed and by 350 A.D, this non-sense Nicene Creed, in which Christ was killed and rose again non-sense amply reflect the degree of Darkness. That is, Light came among His own, Chosen People especially of the Judah tribe, but they loved Darkness creating blind guides of the blind that fell into the Pits of Holocausts. So, who is to be blamed for the deaths of so many Chosen People? The very crook Jews who killed Christ Jesus and His Apostles. Jews killed the Apostles but not their spirit or their Gospels. Now, they have found the True Gospels but no men of spirit to decipher for them. More you get degrees in Letters further away you are thrown away from the world of spirit and if I render exposition of the Parables, they proclaim me a heretics as it is not written there in black and white. If it is written there, then they are no more Parables and no Treasures buried in the Field that the first Church members bought by selling their secular properties. Without the Preachers or the Spirit of God, the bishops started to concentrate upon the studies of the "letters" of the New Testament and their presbyteries produced "men of letters", who were worse off than those of the Moses' Priests. And the present universities are the legacy of those presbyteries and their theologians are "super donkeys" carrying corrupted Holy Books.
The Preachers of Jesus called the bishops "waterless canals" for immorality and it were their dreams of secular kingdom of Jesus that those blind bishops led their congregations into pit i.e. persecution. Further, the corrupt bishops formulated 'creeds' to put their blind members of congregation into the straitjackets of slavery that was worse than that of the corrupt Priests of Moses from which Jesus liberated us -- Matt.12.v43-45. The present churches are the legacy of the old corrupt churches and the recent example of enforcing rules and regulations formulated by the Free Presbyterian Church on Lord Mackay was an act of enslaving in which the word "Free" carried no "Freedom" with it. How would such a church react if Jesus happened to attend a synagogue!!!
Now, the letters of Moses caused little Darkness, but the letters of the New Testament have caused a much greater Darkness. Thus, God stands for love and service whereas the bishops of Mammon not only blessed the war ships but they also encouraged the soldiers of Mammon to kill and rule over others. The booties of wars, and not the hard-earned wealth, helped the corrupt bishops to build their beautiful churches that attracted full houses of their blind christians. The same booties also helped the people to build up their industries and the resultant fruit of Mammon, the armaments, are being exported to the poor of the world who kill each other i.e. arms are sold by the right hand and alms are given by the left. But in Jesus, those who take to the sword will die of the sword. Thus, the sophisticated weapons that the West, America and Russia are producing they are doing so for their own destruction on Third Judgement Day expected in the year 2015 or so.
Therefore, establish universal Churches of God in honour of Apostles, the Virgins Who are married to Christ Jesus and let the outspoken Preachers of God help you to wash the filth of unrighteousness and blasphemies. The Preachers of God being predestined, they do not stand in the need of any ordination by men and it is only the deacons who require the ordination of men to whom they are to serve and to be responsible for their performances.
Remember that Christ Jesus served the Eucharist, the Baptism of Christ Jesus in God, our Father and Holy Spirit, our Mother, to those who were Baptised by John, the Baptist only. No woman or a Gentile needs any Baptism or the Eucharist as we are Pre-destined of our Father to serve Him alone. Christ Jesus has set footsteps to follow into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus has been Planted by our Father Gardner. The Gate is Narrow and only the Solitary predestined pass through.
The present Dark Age is a Golden Age for the people of "spirit" and those who establish their covenant with Jesus in "spirit" shall not be born again i.e. in Adam (once-born) we die but in Jesus (twice-born) we are made alive. Also, after the advent of Gospel, you cannot blame anyone else for misleading you as you yourself shall have to give your own account to God - Rom.14.12.
For the sake of your Gnosis, Christ Nanak has also defined this Dark Age as a time of "Holy Spirit" in which you walk on the footsteps of anointed Christ by making Gospel as your Teacher and common sense as the student.

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