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BookRev-16:Ordinations are two types; one of men in Moses and other of God - 1. CHAPTER FIFTEEN - ORDINATIONS
Ordination of women is a great issue facing the blind guides of the blind. So, let us ponder over the origin of the two types of ordinations; one by men and the other by God.
Now, the Churches of God being different in nature from the temples of Moses, the Synagogues, a different approach is essential to understand the system of the Churches. In the original Church that was founded by the Labourers of Jesus by selling their surplus material belongings and entering into communal sharing of the facilities, called communism upon which basis people can expect "PEACE", there were two types of ministries; one of the feeding of bread and butter or best termed the serving of tables that was headed by bishop and the other was of the "Sowing" of the Seeds or the Preaching of 'His Word' that the Roving Apostles undertook. These ministries were:-
1. MINISTRY OF THE BREAD AND BUTTER OR OF THE "BODY OF JESUS":- This ministry arose as the result of murmuring of Grecian against the Hebrews -Acts 6.1-4:"Then the twelve called the multitude of the Labourers unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the Word of God, and serve the tables. Wherefore, Brethren, look ye out among you "seven" men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. “There is a corruption in appointing the seven by the Apostles but they were asked to democratically elect seven men in the name of John, the Baptist according to the Menorah. Apostles never imposed their views upon others”. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word. “Another corruption as in Jesus, we do not pray. Our Father God is omniscient and not deaf and dumb like demiurge god Yahweh. That is stressed by Christ Thomas, “Why should I fast, what sin have I committed and why should I pray what wrong have I done” ".
Now, those seven deacons who were democratically "elected" by men were all men and all the male members of the congregation unanimously agreed to their election by the laying of their hands upon them i.e. putting their trust in them. As the seven men were elected by men so they were responsible to the men for their conduct and their praises rested with the men who elected them. Remember that John, the Baptist never baptised a woman but only the Jewish sensible men.
Their number seven was related to the seven-candled Menorah and if you understand why Jesus sent seventy(7 times 10) of His outer circle Labourers in pairs, that He prepared as Rabbis for John, the Baptist, to cure the people of their physical diseases or the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed for ever in 70 A.D., then those seven deacons were concerned with the "ministry of flesh" that involved feeding the Brethren in Jesus with bread and butter and keeping them morally sound as morality is the base for spirituality i.e. John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi Priest of Moses, came to pave the way for Jesus, the anointed Christ of God, by making them faithful to Abraham, the Salt of earth. The Bishop and deacons also performed the ministry of healing in the same fashion as the Priests of Moses did i.e. they paved the moral way for the Apostles and each Church used to be autonomous with its own independent Bishop and administration.
Thus, the Bishops and deacons could "teach" the moral laws of Moses and conduct all the rites related to "flesh", i.e. they could baptise men (John never baptised a woman) in water in honour of John, the Baptist but in the name of "Abraham", conduct the birth, marriage and death rites, etc. but they were not allowed to either "Preach" 'His Word' as that spiritual ministry was to be conducted by the Mammon free "Roving" spiritual Apostles or Christs and not Saints that the Anti-Christ Popes declared or administer the "Last Supper" to the sealed to serve God Jewish men who had the Baptism of water, the Baptism of Jesus in God, our Father and "Holy Spirit" our Mother. In brief, the Bishop was to make the people "sons of Man or of Abraham" and it was the fearless approach of the First Bishop Stephen to make the High Priest and his colleagues "sons of Abraham" that he met his death as they wanted to remain the Jews of flesh, the "tares". No "son of Man", no "son of God".

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