BookRev-16:Ordinations are two types; one of men i

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BookRev-16:Ordinations are two types; one of men in Moses and other of God - 2. 2. MINISTRY OF 'HIS WORD' OR OF THE "BLOOD OF CHRIST":- This is the ministry of Preaching Gospel or 'His Word' that nobody can undertake unless God gives him the...

BookRev-16:Ordinations are two types; one of men in Moses and other of God - 2. 2. MINISTRY OF 'HIS WORD' OR OF THE "BLOOD OF CHRIST":- This is the ministry of Preaching Gospel or 'His Word' that nobody can undertake unless God gives him the understanding of 'His Word' through "Grace" or best termed the Pre-Ordination of God. As 'His Word' are the Treasures of God, so to receive Them one must not long for or love the treasures of Mammon. That is, one should be single minded devoted to One and not to the two - Matt.10.9-15:"Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip (Because Pure Gospel, Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands received through revelations by the grace of our Father has been written over your hearts and not in ink on paper scrip) for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat, Gospel Treasures that he earns through Preaching. Sensible people will honour them in the name of Christ Jesus and look after them. Apostles do not throw Pearls before swine".
Thus, the Apostles, both men and women, were the Servants of God through "Selection" and, therefore, their praises rested with God and not with the people. That is, their Ordination was of God and not of the people as in the case of the first type of ministry.
Unfortunately, the Church became corrupt by the end of first century. Thus, the Bishops brought into the Churches the forbidden Jewish Leaven, the Torah and made their mostly Jewish congregations happy to trap them as stated by Christ Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45; The arid evil spirited people were the defunct Temple Priests that were made redundant after the destruction of the Temple, the Winepress and they could not find the green pastures, which made them to return to their old Torah loving customers in the Churches of God. Thus, they became so greedy, immoral and authoritarian that they even started to repulse the outspoken Preachers, who used to criticize and rebuke them, off their Churches.
In turn, the Preachers opened their own Monasteries and those who wanted to learn used to attend to their outspoken sermons. Whilst the bishops started their own schools of religious studies called Presbyteries and even started to "teach" the New Testament by the "letters" for which they earned such titles as the "waterless canals" for immorality and the "blind guides" or the "donkeys carrying the Holy Books" against the Saying, "Letter killeth, spirit giveth life" as the Life of the New Testament rested with the Apostles.
People like Origen could not even understand the simplest of all the Sayings that a Jew is one which is inwardly and not outwardly. In fact, the misunderstanding of this Saying is the root cause of all the sectarian riots in the world. The present universities have sprung up from those Presbyteries of Mammon and produce nothing else but the spiritless men of "letters", the blind guides, best termed the super donkeys carrying the Holy Books, who proclaim that they believe in nothing else that is not written in the Bible but when they are asked where it is written that the men who died in the two world wars expanding the British empire glorified our Loving Father God then they are muted. Parables stand for Puzzles and how could the Puzzles be written down in ink as the Scriptures, the moral laws?
Thus, the blind Bishops soon …..
In Christ, our covenant is of the "Holy Spirit" with God and it is to God that we shall give our own accounts. So, between God and man there is to be no one else but Jesus, the anointed Christ or the Royal High Priest of God that we are Married to and, therefore, …….
Finally, the above talk may look odd and hard to understand to the common people as the "Blood of Christ", the Gospel, is not for them who believe in such falsehoods …..In a nutshell, the present Churches are the Synagogues of Satan in which the Temple Priest has been replace by Pope, Bishops, etc and the hireling Dog-Collared Priest are Rabbis from the yoke of which Christ Jesus set us FREE by giving His own Life as the Lamb of God, unblemished Pure Blood far better than the blood of animals that Rabbis used to sacrifice - Matt.12.v43-45 has been fulfilled. In Christ Jesus, we are Solitary Virgins who enjoy Fellowship of Believers by eating the Juicy Flesh of Jesus that involves Understanding what came out of the Mouth of Jesus and by Drinking the Refreshing Blood that renews your “innerman”, the Christ by Preaching Gospel from one’s heart, which is Drinking the Blood of Christ. That Way, you Graft yourself to the True Vine, Christ Jesus.

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