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BookRev-17Second Coming Christ Jesus was Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji - 1. CHAPTER SIXTEEN - CHRIST NANAK DEV JI, THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST JESUS.
The blind guides of the "letters" make most people to believe that Christ Jesus shall appear again but very unfortunately the qualities of "Christ" is not perceived by many of them. Christ cannot be perceived unless God blesses the person with "Holy spirit" to do so. You will be unbelievably surprised to know that the second anointed Christ came in India in the name of "NANAK" in 1469 and He had Five continuing Lights for perfection in Preaching Gospel. Over 150 years Gospel was Preached by Them and still the sons of Darkness were able to cover it up. No wonder people have no idea of His coming and going but eagerly look forward to His return uner the guidance of Hireling Dog-Collared Priests of Mammon!!!
"Christ" stands for the "Royal Priest of our Royal Father God" and in Panjabi, He is called a "SATGURU"; SATT mean “His Word” or Seven, the Middle Candle of Menorah or the Seventh Husband of the woman who married the next brother of the dead husband. When she (our wisdom) married the Seventh (Wisdom of God), there is neither giving nor taking but at Par with each other; Guru means a Teacher and as SATT, His Word is always Preached, SATT is with the "Spiritual Preachers". So, we call SATGURU NANAK DEVJI as the "Christ Nanak" and His coming was predicted by Christ Jesus in Matt.24.v27: For as the lightning cometh out of the East (the direction of most spiritually people, who love Mammon more than God) and shineth even unto the West (the people of West love God more than Mammon making them suitable to receive Gospel); so shall also the coming of the Son of Man (Satguru Nanak Dev Ji took birth among the most greedy spiritually sick people of Khatri tribe) be.
But why the anointed "Christ" first came in the Middle East and then in the East? This is because in the Dark Age opposite happens to the past enlightened Ages. For example, in the enlightened Age (YUG) TRETA YUG, King Ravan of Sri Lanka, then known as "Lanka", was a renowned PANDIT (Rabbi) - Matt.13.52 - and he had made Lanka a heaven to live in by establishing an excellent law and order but to-day, the same Lanka (secular) is called Sri (Celestial) Lanka, i.e. highly spiritual, but instead of heaven, it is a living example of "Hell".
In the same way, in the Middle East King David and his people of "Judah" tribe were very religious people but to-day they are the most spiritually sick people of all who needed the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus the most. But they, especially the people of Judah tribe, rather betrayed and killed Him. Remember when Lazarus died and Jesus wanted to go to his place, His Labourers warned Him that the people of Judea region are your staunch enemy and you want to go there?
In India, the people of Khatri tribe are the most spiritually sick people of all and Christ Nanak took birth among them but again they hated, tortured and killed those Who carried on His Mantel. In fact, the Khatris especially of the Kashmir valley who became Mohammedans were the worst of all most powerful sons of Satan AL-DJMAAR AL-AKSAS, the Emperors of Darkness.
Thus, in the past enlightened Ages the Prophets used to appear first in the "East", India and then in the Middle East but in this Dark Age, the opposite was to be expected i.e. first the Christ came in the M.East and then in the East.
So, the Gospels Preached by Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak are the same but meant for the people of differing intellect and the "Jerusalem Temple" that was destroyed for ever in 70 A.D. has been replaced by the "Golden Temple" of Amritsar, which is, at present, highly infested by the Mammon worshippers, the Kings of Darkness. But why the people are in the "Dark" about these simple facts?
Most people have the notion that the universities harbour highly intelligent theologians and, therefore, they just take their views as final. But this is not so as the university theologians are the most stupid and arrogant people that an ordinary working sensible person can come across. Universities can only teach "letters", Old wine, whereas the New Testament or "His Word", New Wine, is to be studied in "Holy spirit", which is received in measures by the individual through the "grace" of God.

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