BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - CHOSEN PEOPLE BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 2. Thus, the descendants of "natural" Ishmael are known as "Arabs" whilst those of the "spiritual" Is...

BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 2. Thus, the descendants of "natural" Ishmael are known as "Arabs" whilst those of the "spiritual" Isaac as the "Chosen People" of God. Further, Isaac being the "Promised Child" of God also received the Holy "Promised Land" of honey and milk as his inheritance from Abraham to live in. But the Chosen People soon became arrogant and proud of the abundance of fruits produced by the Promised Land, real Garden of Eden and started to display "pride" in the favours of God towards them.

These favours of God made the descendants of Isaac "arrogant" as one could see in the treatment that the Jews gave to the Gentile whilst the descendants of Ishmael remained humble in "spirit" but remained proud in the moral qualities especially the righteousness and hospitality of Abraham.

So, the Arabs, mostly nomads, earned their world-wide reputation for hospitality to the strangers in the spirit of Abraham whilst the Chosen People in the knowledge of Holy Scriptures by the "letters". This arrogance or stiff-neckedness in "letters" among the Jews of flesh is still observed in their Synagogues. Thus, Jacob, the son of Isaac was so well-versed in the Scriptures that he became "arrogant" and started to struggle with Angels, the people who are Perfect in the moral laws whereas the Arabs worshipped Adam and Angels. John, the Baptist was an Angel who came to turn the arrogant Jews of flesh or outwardly to become the sons of Abraham to inherit and live in Peace as the Salt of Abraham or of earth by becoming the Jews inwardly or spiritual circumcision of hearts.

Arrogance means ones challenge to the Wisdom of God that leads one to works that are against the "Will of God"; remember the "arrogance" of Peter when he rebuked Jesus. This arrogance of Jacob caused strife among his sons, one more clever or smarter than the other whilst Joseph was the only son or who remained humble and submissive to the "Will of God". Therefore, Joseph remained honest in his dealings with his brothers and under the gracious "Hand of God"; he did good deeds to his brothers in return for the bad ones they had done to him.

Thus, God gave Joseph wisdom which his other dishonest and selfish brothers and arrogant father were denied of and at the same time the Promised Land of honey and milk turned barren as the sons of Jacob had become disloyal to Abraham. No more the qualities or Salt of Abraham in them. Further, the story of starving brethren of Joseph going to Egypt, the land of Arabs loyal to Abraham, to buy/beg for food and the generosity of Joseph that reflected the hospitality and wisdom of Abraham in Ishmael is well-known to us. On the other hand, the Arabs continued to love people through hospitality and kept on enjoying the blessings of God in terms of the abundance of food as outlined by Christ Jesus in the Parable of Prodigal son Isaac being not happy with the quality of food that Egyptian lived on.

The above facts Jesus summarised in the Parable of Prodigal son - Luke 15.11-32. In this Parable, Father is Abraham, the elder son are the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs whilst the younger prodigal son are the descendants of Isaac, the chosen people. The suffering of the chosen people in Egypt is compared to the son eating food that is given to pigs, i.e. a food of the lowest quality that they never had to eat in Israel when they were loyal to Abraham.

Their repentance is the forty years stay in the wilderness when Moses looked after them and their return to the lush green Promised Land is compared to the killing of the fattened calf. This Parable also gives us a lesson that in God, unlike in Moses, a person has a "free will" either to leave Him and suffer at the hands of Satan or stay with Him humble and enjoy His blessings. So, also the people have a "free will" in Jesus.

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