BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests

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BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 3. This faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God by the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael is further reflected in the stories relating to the sacrifices of Abraham-Ishmael and Abraham-Isaac. In the Abraham-Ishmael story, there is a mention of the repulsion of Satan by Ishmael before God presented to them a ram for sacrifice and rejoicing whereas in the Abraham-Isaac story, there is no mention of the repulsion of Satan, because, unlike Ishmael, the people of Isaac being the Jews of flesh were already sons of the Satan and not of God. Therefore, no ram could be presented to Abraham - Isaac and this is depicted in the Promised Land becoming barren.

And this is a typical example of the "corruption" of the Holy Books analogised by Jesus to the "old cloth", the written Holy Books, developing holes, which cannot be patched with the Brand New Cloth but they are repairable through the knowledge of Gospel i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to destroy it.

The key to understand the criterion of faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God lies in the Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly (of the spirit) and not outwardly (of the flesh)". Thus, the descendants of Isaac when they become the Jews of flesh through the circumcision of flesh and the birth of a Jewish woman, who has no "seed", then they are un-faithful to Abraham and God whilst when they become Jews of spirit through the circumcision of their hearts, then they become faithful to God. Thomas Logo 53: His Labourers said to Him, "Is circumcision beneficial or not?" He said to them, "If it were beneficial, their heavenly Father, Yahweh would beget them already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit (in God) has become completely profitable".

Thus, most of the present Jews of flesh who claim Israel to be the country of Jews and they normally talk in such terms as the Jewish race, the Jewish settlements, etc. are the people who are un-faithful to Abraham, whereas the faithful to God Jews of spirit always talk in terms of the tribal identity of the flesh. Thus, in the Revelation the people who will be saved are clearly mentioned in terms of the tribes, the sons of Abraham, and not as the Jews. It is also worth stressing that the Hajj rites are in honour of Abraham who earned the title of "Father of the faithful", the Angels with whom Jacob struggled for in spirit or the knowledge of God, he was superior to Angels but without being a son of Abraham, you cannot be the son of God. This John, the Baptist demonstrated by baptising only the sensible Jewish men in water in the name of Abraham and handing over this Salt of the Abraham sons for Christ Jesus to Preach them into the sons of God, which is by grace. At present these rites have COMPLETELY lost their significance. In short, the Hajj is for entry into the realm or threshold of "Islam" by accepting the tribal birth that Allah gave to you. Then, you learn to speak secular truth, become contented by understanding His Word and finally show or perform acts of Mercy like the Samaritan man in order to seal your faith and services in Allah. Such a perfect merciful person is then worthy to be called a Mussulmen or Muslim in brief. For such a Muslim, no fasting, prayer or Hajj. Present Hajj is creating fanatic sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the most Powerful Satan that moves the mountain of fanatics to crush the Tares but defeated by the tribal sons of Man as my late father turned 2000 fanatics into our best friends in Allah by explaining that a Muslim or a Sikh is a spiritual self never born and never die but the tribal selves, Jatt and Arian, are going to fight and die. There being no enmity between our tribes, they became our best Friends in Allah.

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