BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests

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BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 4. In Egypt, the Chosen People who had become unfaithful to Abraham or became arrogant and struggled against Angels and they suffered. It was the Prophet Moses who appeared among them to save the descendants of the Prodigal son Isaac. He took the unfaithful to Abraham Chosen People out of Egypt and kept them for forty years in the wilderness to transform them from the arrogant unfaithful sons of Abraham loyal to Satan to the Chosen People of holy spirit, faithful to Abraham, the loyal to their Father Abraham or God through repentance. And after this transformation, Moses told them that from now on the mighty "Hand of God" being over their heads, they can enter the "Promised Land" that belonged to Abraham of their own. So, Moses stayed behind in the wilderness to stress the supremacy of the Powers and Blessings of God over those of the man. If Moses had gone into the Promised Land along with the transformed Chosen People, then the powers and blessings of God would not have been appreciated by the Chosen People. As the "Chosen People" of God entered their Promised Land that had become barren at them becoming arrogant and un-faithful to Abraham, they started to re-enjoy the fruits of the same barren land in abundance. This was stressed by the elder son, Ishmael in that Father I have been faithful to you but you never offered me such a food as to this unfaithful son Isaac you are giving after his return. This is a typical example of the proof that there is a God Who cannot be seen but He is to be perceived through His miracles.

But with the passage of time the Chosen People again became arrogant and un-faithful to God. Thus, their freedom was short-lived and they became slaves in their own country. So, at the times of the arrival of Christ Jesus, they were slaves to Romans and they were leading a highly immoral way of life in which the women could be divorced at will. The reason for the high immorality among the Chosen People of flesh against very little among the Gentiles (Arabs or Samaritans) or the Jews of spirit, inwardly, is that the Jews of flesh, outwardly, are very proud of their mighty King David and his Angelic Deeds. Now, among the other good deeds that King David did, he committed an act of "adultery" with the wife of an army officer. So, the Jews of flesh who take King David as their hero and model also commit adultery with pride.

Thus, in the times of Christ Jesus, those immoral Jews of flesh brought to Christ Jesus a woman, that they had caught red-handed in the act of adultery, for justice. Christ Jesus knowing the immoral nature of those Jews of the flesh stayed cool-headed whiling away the time by writing over sand their own sinful deeds so as to make them aware of their nature and also to let them steam off their anger at the immoral woman by quoting the various moral laws of Moses and the subsequent punishments.

Jesus also allowed them to make the taunting remarks at Him such as that He considers Himself to be superior to our Rabbis, let us see what type of justice He can do? Christ Jesus knowing their nature and the matters of their hearts told them "Let the one among you who has not committed adultery or such a sin throw the first stone at the woman." All of them, the adulterers and sinners, dispersed one by one and not a single stone was thrown at the woman.

But the woman was humble and repentant of her acts. Christ Jesus cautioned her to behave in future. This incident clearly leads one to the conclusion that the Jews of flesh were highly immoral and sinful people. In fact, they were doing deeds against the moral laws of Moses. Now, morality being the base for spirituality, it was to establish this moral order that John, the Baptist, an ideal moral teacher (Matt. 13.52) of Levi stock came to pave the way for the anointed Spiritual Preacher, the Christ of God, in the name of Jesus.

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