BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests

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BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 6. And if you can realise that Christ Jesus came into the world because the manly Priests or the moral teachers in the name of Moses had become corrupt - Thomas Logo 102: Jesus said, "Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a (greedy) dog sleeping in the manger of oxen (hard working people), for neither does he eat (cannot understand Gospel) nor does he let the oxen eat (ordinary people who can understand Gospel)".
The Christ Jesus being the living Mediator between God and us, we do not stand in the need of any manly interposer such as the present Pope, false fathers, Bishops, The reverend, etc., the super hypocrites.
We being the children of Light are Royal Priests and Royal Kings of living God of the living present. Then by comparing the present dead clerics with the corrupt and blind Pharisees and Sadducees in the name of Moses, you will come to the conclusion that the present clerics are far worse off than those blind guides of the blind. No wonder they create sectarian riots people suffer.
Thus, the present clerics are the people, who are worst of all the drunk with the old wine of "letters", and therefore, they are very incapable of taking the New Wine of Spirit. Thus, the best Labourers of Christ Jesus are the ordinary working class people with inclination towards God. Remembering that you cannot sell something that you have received "free", "His Word" is received "free" and, therefore, It is to be Preached "free". The act of receiving free and giving free is called a "Royal" act. Therefore, the present clerics are neither the Royal Priests called the "Christs" because they are paid for their services i.e. they are the "hirelings" of Mammon. Nor they are the "Royal Kings" in that they are mostly the greedy parasites (dogs) of churches which they have turned into nothing else but the social clubs of Mammon - Matt.12.v43-45. They are nowhere near the serving and sharing communities of the Christ Jesus that set the first Churches of God headed by the Christ Jesus up.
In fact, a hireling of Mammon commits an act of "treason" if he Preaches the Gospel of God instead of the atrocities of Mammon. Thus, none of the Apostles of Jesus was a "hireling" and Christ Paul, Who had to stay longer than usual earned His own living by making tents. However, let us return to our main theme, the "Chosen People".
Thus, Christ Jesus came among His own Chosen People but they maltreated Him in the manner outlined by Him in the Parable of the "wicked husbandmen" Matt.21.v33-46. Whilst in Matt.23.v34-39, Jesus counts some of the favours that God had rendered to the Chosen People and described how arrogantly they reacted to such favours of God. As the Jews of flesh drunk with the old wine of the letters rejected the Christ Jesus, the very Son of God that they remained the arrogant Saltless sons of Satan. In God, you reap the reward of your own conscience and cannot blame a third person during suffering. They were not worthy of occupying the Holiest of Holy Temple of God any more. This Christ Jesus told them on His Last Visit to the Temple in the Parable of Winepress that was not producing good quality Old Wine, the Scriptures being getting corrupted. Christ Jesus came to take Fruit from the Winepress before leaving for His Father but they got hold of Him too and killed Him. No fruit in Fig Tree but beautiful leaves was an indicator of no Fruit produced by the Temple that was highly attractive to the once-born pilgrims. That is why, the Temple, Holiest of Holy in the world, was destroyed forever 70 A.D., that represents the number of Sanhedrin members (10 x 7 = 70). Thomas Logo 71: Jesus said, "I shall destroy (this) House (Jerusalem Temple made by human hands), and no one will be able to re-build it". Because the temples made by human hands have been replaced by far superior and beautiful Temples of God made by Nature or heavenly father Yahweh, a shadow to our Father God which is Spirit. So, we worship our Father in Truth and spirit. Re-building of the Temple was attempted many a time but it could not be rebuilt as it was passed on to the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Golden Temple in Amritsar is the Replacement of the Holiest of Holy which is standing in the Pool of Mercy, Bethesda Pool. But what gold has to do with God? It is the most corrupt Temple of God, Harmandir Sahib.

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