BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests

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BookRev-18:Chosen People are the Nation of Priests that are Shadow to Royal Priests - 7. Why the destruction of Temple in 70 A.D.? This is based upon the significance of Menorah that is the focal point of the moral teachers of Moses. Menorah has seven candles, the middle one corresponding to God which is kept at level with the other six as long as the Priests of Moses remain efficient - Matt.13.52. As they became corrupt and hypocrites and lost the trust of people by corrupting the Scriptures to suit their motives, that is represented by the "old cloth (of letters) developing holes (corruptions)", then the God sent Christ in the name of Jesus, the First anointed Royal High Priest (Christ) of God appears to create the Royal Priests, Roving Apostles and Royal Kings, then the middle candle of God, the Lord of Sabbath, is raised above the other six in honour of the Christ Jesus. That is why Christ Jesus is the Lord of Sabbath or the Royal King of the Jews.
Further, a religious person longs for ten religious qualities based upon 3+3+3+1=10 i.e. the 9 religious qualities are acquirable by people through "works" whilst the tenth quality, Holy Spirit, that has the healing Power, is received through the Grace of God only. The "Tenth Quality" is also represented by the "Tenth Golden Gate" (DASAM DAWAAR) situate Eastwards of Jerusalem that is sealed because It is only opened by the Grace of God. Thus, we have 7 times 10 = 70 and this is also the number of Sanhedrin members forming the quorum.
Also, Jesus had 70 outer circle Labourers who were sent in pairs to cure the physically sick people, the part of normal duties performed by the Priests of Moses and people honoured them by presenting gifts as gratitude. They were sent in "pairs" because this physical or secular world of flesh is of the pairs whereas the spiritual or Celestial world of spirit is for the "solitary" - referring to the Parable of narrow and wide gates.
Here, it is also worth mentioning that the reason for Jesus choosing the twelve close-circle Labourers was that they will be perfect in the "works" represented by the seven candles of Menorah i.e. in the name of John, the Baptist, an ideal Priest of Moses, and their hearts shall be pure of the five specific spiritual limitations, KAAM, KARODHH, LOBHH, MOH and HANKAAR - refer to John 4. Thus, we have 7+5=12, the perfect number that signifies that the Labourers of Jesus shall be capable of teaching the moral laws of Moses in order to induce morality in the name of John, the Baptist and be capable of preaching the Gospel in honour of Jesus to pour out the spirituality. Thus, the twelve tribes of the Jews of flesh have nothing to do with the twelve Labourers of Jesus. This is another example of the corruption of the New Testament.
After the destruction of Temple, the un-faithful to Abraham and to God Jews of flesh had no right to live in the "Promised Land" of Abraham as it had happened on the previous occasions such as exodus. So, they were kicked out of their "Promised Land" mercilessly. The nature of the final treatment that God shall render to such arrogant and un-faithful to Abraham people is described by Jesus in Matt.13.24-30. In this Parable, the people who are faithful to Adam, the "sons of Man", are described as "wheat plants" whereas those who are un-faithful to Abraham, and thus to God, but faithful to Satan or Mammon, are described as "tares", the trouble-makers. Thus, Jesus came to generate True Divine Love (Agape) among the "sons of Man" whilst Mammon creates hatred and killing.

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