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The Green Beautiful is a lovely movie about a planet of xenophobic vegan supermen, who save the world by using their brainwashing superpowers to convince humanity to turn from their evil, corrupting lifestyles of meat-eating and 50's pelvis-thrusting devil music, and turn to a more enlightened neolithic lifestyle.

Mila comes from an enlightened race of beings from the planet France, where people sit en mass to enjoy a delightful listening to a whole lot of nothing, after hitting some acid and tripping in the fields, with the obligatory hilarious hallucinations. The Planet France Theme Park consists of a delightful swing hanging from a tree, and a ride called called "Planet France Sweat Shop" where you and your children can enjoy the thrilling experience of manual labor in the fields.

The whole aim of this society is to visit other planets and promote their message of enlightenment through mind control and brain melting. Many races have been helped with this unique therapy, liberating them from the toil and burden of independent thought and free will, and happily roaming the streets as brainwashed golems.

Of course, no movie is without it's flaws. The concept of questioning authority, as portrayed when Mila innocently questions the doctor's judgment, was clearly an error on the Coline Serreau's part. We should all listen to authorities when they talk about the edicts of the star races, for clearly we are unworthy of such communication on our own, and must rely on the illumined to shed the divine light on our unclean souls.

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