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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hind

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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -1.
No religious work would be complete without an insight into the religious communities of India but at the same time there is no other place in the world where it is greatly misrepresented. Two Prophets, John, the Baptist, an Angel of Israel and Christ Jesus in the Middle East and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji in the East to complete the series of Prophets. Christ Nanak Dev Ji was the Second coming of Christ Jesus. So, that completes the religious side whilst sons of Satan proclaimed their own Prophets.
India has produced some excellent Saints called Bhagats but at the same time, it has produced the greatest number of top "psychic" sons of Satan, who have greatly misled the people not so much in the East as in the West. Think of the Puri Khatri Bhajan Yogi of America and others mostly of the Khatri tribe. In fact, The HARMANDIR SAHIB, the Golden Temple, in Amritsar is the Only Holiest of Holy Temple of God in the world that replaced the Original Holiest of Holy in Jerusalem but to-day it is highly infested with the Mammon worshipping Priests best called the "Robbers". No wonder Jesus was furious at the money changers at the Temple and turned their tables!!!
Most of the Priests in Sikh Temples over here in U.K. are there to earn money for their families back home and sometimes they would go to such extremes of meanness as to be having no shame or conscience at all. And sometimes I would tell them that you sing the songs of God but your motive is "money"; therefore if you yourselves are "MUNNMUKH", Mammon worshippers, how could you make the members of congregation "GURMUKH", God worshippers!!!
The sensible "GURMUKH" Sikhs, if there be some, should know that these "MUNNMUKH" Mammon worshipping Sikhs posed for almost 20 years as imposter "SATGURUS" in the village of Baba BAKAALA, where the Eighth Mantel, the Third Royal King (SACHAE PAATSHAH) HAR KRISHAN JI had predicted His Successor, the Ninth Mantel, the Sixth and Last of the Series of Satgurus or Christs, SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI. Even after the Sikhs had out doored the True Sixth SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI in the village BAKAALA, the imposters made an attempt to kill Him but they failed to do so. SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI forgave them their attempt on His life but the imposters showed no sign of remorse.
However, when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI went to HARMANDIR SAHIB to pay Homage to SATGURU NANAK DEV JI, the Mammon worshipping Khatris locked themselves in the HARMANDIR SAHIB and they won't let Him into His Own Home. So, just think of these shameless and hardened Mammon worshippers who started to plunder the most honoured House of SATGURU NANAK DEV JI whilst His Mantel was still alive. To-day, it is no wonder that in the Amritsar complex the page to page reading of the Holy Book Ad-Granth called AKHAND PAATH is sold to the devotees in a business-like manners and the Priests (GRANTHIS) are making a good business out of this sincere devotion of SIKHS i.e. the greedy people have turned the Holiest of Holy complex of the world into a den of robbers.
The result is quite apparent. The Mammon worshippers by nature being "selfish" did, instead of unity between the religious communities, rather ignite the "fire" of hatred and the sectarian riots from time to time. So, these Mammon worshippers have written many books that have created a really great misconception of Religion. For example, Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI was not a "GURU" but they have proclaimed Him so and there is hardly anyone who objects to it. In Christianity, they killed Christ in the Nicene Creed but hardly anyone knows that Christ stands for His Word that is never born and never die but Jesus was born and Jesus died.
In fact, we are passing through the last decade of KAL YUG, the Dark Age and you will see many tribulations, basically deep-rooted in the sectarian differences, all over the world and on a scale that you had never seen or heard of before.
This fact will become clear on grasping the basics of the four communities of Religion in India. Further, the beauty in the study of these communities lies in the fact that the very meanings of the names of them give you a good clue to their nature and functions. However, let us ponder over the four communities, that are based upon the Four spiritual states id (HAUMAE), mind (MUNN), wisdom (BUDHI) and Will (CHITT).

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