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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -2.1. FIRST HINDU COMMUNITY:- Most people identify the people of different communities by their garbs and/or the physical appearances. For example, the common man takes a person to be a Hindu if he is clean-shaven with shorn hair, has a frontal mark, puts on the holy thread (JAENEOU) over his shoulder, worships the statues of demiurge gods and goddesses, etc. This is not so as religion is a matter of one's heart and not that of the physical body.

The word "HINDU" has originated from the word "HOOND", called "HASTI" in Urdu, meaning fleshly (bodily) "identity", which is known by asking the stranger a simple question, "Who are you?" - "AAP HUNDAE KAUN HO?" A person who gives out his fleshly or tribal identity by naming his tribe (JAATI) and the place of birth or whereabout (BAASI) is a Hindu and the one who cannot or does not know his tribe could be no one else than a "bastard" born of a prostitute. So, the antonym of a Hindu is a bastard and later on you will see how the people who are not Hindus do perform bastardly deeds such as the killing of the innocent people.

In the South India, some people have the names of their fathers and that of their villages incorporated into their names. This reflects the wisdom of great Pandit Ravan of Lanka, the country which was a heaven in the past but to-day, it is in great turmoil. Similarly, the African people have the tribal marks over their faces for identification. Thieves or the satanic people conceal their tribal identity but not the "sons of Adam or of Shiv".

By disclosing his tribal identity, the person establishes a covenant with his forefathers in flesh or "Adam" known as "MAHESH" or "MAHADEV" in Hindi; because the tribes originate from "MAHESH" through races and the surnames or subcastes that follow the tribes. Demiurge god SHIV being the chief learned representative of Adam, he is also synonymous with "MAHESH" and the worship of phallus (LING) and vagina (YUNI) in SHIV stresses upon the significance of the "seed" and "egg" in the identification and the procreation of mankind.

Further, as politics is for the tribes, SHIV also personifies the "Head of State". The snake around his neck highlights the closeness of the political enemies and the flow of Ganges, the waters of which help produce food, from his head signifies the care the head of state takes in feeding his subject, whilst the duty to protect the subject from enemies, or the respect of his destructive army (SHIV SENA), goes chiefly to the people of JAT tribe. This is further highlighted in the visit of MAATA GANGAJI wife of SATGURU ARJUN DEV JI to BHAI BUDHA JI, a Randhawa Jat, for the "Boon" of a son (HARGOBIND JI), who was to initiate the work of SHIV SHAKTI with the main support of the people of JAT tribe.

In context of the above tribal concepts, the countries being the homes of tribes were named after the dominant tribe and they were called "fatherlands" such as Afghanistan, the home of the people of Afghan tribe, England of the English, Scotland of the Scotts, Ireland of the Irish, Germany of the Germans, etc.

Now, the parental "identity" makes a religious person conscientious of his family and he takes care of "shame" in his deeds by remaining the Salt of the family or earth. Such people won't indulge in "shameless" affairs. Thus, it is a well-known fact that the people born of the prostitutes, the mustard seeds, are, in general, the least shameful of all.

Shame, "SHARM" or "HEEYA" being the foundation of religion, DHARM or EEMAN, SATGURU NANAK DEV JI said, "SHARM DHARM DOYAE SHHAPP KHARROTAE, KOORR PHIRAE PARDHAAN WAE LALO" i.e. both the shame and the faith have gone into hiding, and the result, falsehoods or blasphemies have become dominant in the world. This will become clear on understanding the fact that religion instead of teaching/preaching "peace" among the people is at present leading them into the "shameless" sectarian riots implying that the present so-called religion is not of truth and God but that of the falsehoods and Satan.

Now, the duty of Satan is to fleece the poor people, to create chaos and disorder in the society, and to spread a wave of hatred and killing among the ignorant once-born people through the misrepresentation of basic concepts of religion through sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods.

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