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Dr Carol Rosin, known most prominently in the Disclosure Project panel of speakers as spokesperson for the late Dr Wernher von Braun, is a uniquely positioned and experienced Educator, Consultant, and Advisor. As current World Peace Ambassador for the International Association of Educators for World Peace, she is seen by many as the tireless heart and mind behind all space related matters involving the peaceful advancement of the human race. Her focus, contribution, and dedication, and her unbounding faith in the security, health and prosperity for all beings, is truly exceptional.

Carol's outstanding career has taken her through the halls of many government and military facilities, and right into the very offices of some of the highest ranking and most influential personalities known today. Her involvement in these openly secret and unofficial passageways, as a witness to both the dark and the light side of Space and Planetary Development, has only continued to strengthen her drive and passion for peace even further than we all might realise. Carol's voice is surely one to be heard for those who will listen -- skeptics and Truth Connectors, alike.


Although just one person, Carol has successfully project managed many lifetimes worth of immeasurable experiences and specialty roles into her own. Deeply committed to every opportunity that comes her way, Carol is making footprints in our future on a wide scale by co-authoring and seeking to implement the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012 (http://www.peaceinspace.com) - a Peace In Space Treaty and Plan of Action to ban all space-based weapons. This is an exciting proposal, and one that Carol will be discussing in depth on Truth Connections Radio. Also discussed will be the ramifications of NOT having this Treaty signed, and how it ties in with what we know is being hidden from the populace, and what we are deliberately being dis/mis-informed about in regards to ETs, dimensions, universes, and space travel -- including the population of other planets.

In an attempt to detail the importance of Carol's contribution through her work, here is a very small list of some of her achievements:

- Founder, Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space (http://www.peaceinspace.com) ISCOS, 1983 - Present.

- Official Advisor to the Peoples Republic of China on alternatives to missile defense and on applications of space technology in China. China and Russia have proposed a ban on all space-based weapons

- Founder of the original World Entrepreneur Association to encourage integrity based new entrepreneurial businesses and training programs. Consults to businesses, government representatives, students, leaders and community organizations about possible new jobs and profits, products and services, technologies and information applied to better life in sustainable communities and regions.

- Spokesperson for the late rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun, presenting his peace on earth and in space vision for local through global uses and applications of space age technology and information applied directly to solving urgent and potential challenges of human needs, the environment, and energy as humans evolve and learn from living, working, touring and traveling in space (without space-based weapons). First speech for von Braun was to 18,000 people at a National Education Association conference in 1974 demonstrating LIVE how satellites can be used as teaching tools worldwide.

- Among awards received is the United Societies in Space award for her 30 Years of Humanitarian Work for the Peaceful Uses of Space for Peace on Earth. Co-author with Dr. Charles Sheffield the book entitled SPACE CAREERS. Author and co-author of three forthcoming books.

In summary, the wonderful Dr Carol Rosin initiates and manages special projects that will provide an abundance of benefits and opportunities for all peoples, businesses, and governments; for healthy, sustainable, happy, and prosperous futures filled with adventure, art and music in peace -- for all on earth and in space.

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