Alex Jones EXPOSED by personal story (PaCmAn)

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Some years ago now, I was very active at the forum and posted a lot of topics

They had a forum where I could post if I would like Alex Jones to speak about a specific subject on air, and did get a few "pinned" topics that mean Alex would use the topic.

One of these topics was where I asked Alex to please stop talk so much about Jesus and christianity on his show or at least to stop praying all the time, shouting for Jesus etc. because it in my opinion push people away who are not religious or have another believe than him.

He did talk about it on air, but would not say who wrote it or mention my website or anything, he got very upset and began to attack me by saying that I want him to stop talking about god, but when he visited my website it had a whole section about UFOs and aliens, so I was basically just an idiot to him.

What he didn't say was the name of that forum: UFO Forum - About what is going on: The Elite Want Us To Fear 'An Outside Alien Threat' (Ronald Reagan) - Real Or Not

I doesn't even say that Aliens are real or not (Like his guest of honor David Icke), but that was his reason for not being able to take me serious. . . .

A short while later I just got banned for wanting to shoot police !?? All I did say in a post was that I follow the law, so if anyone draw a lethal weapon like a gun or a taser on me, I would defend my self and try to kill the person EVEN if it was the police !!! Or the pope for that matter, the point is to show where this is going.

When Alex Jones posted his short movie "New world order: Blueprint of madmen" I added my "illuminati & agenda 666 - part 0001" to the movie as video response, and it was posted right away.

A little later, I could see that it was gone again and wondered if it was a mistake so I wanted to ad it again but discovered that Alex Jones had blocked me from even posting at his youtube account after that.

When Max Keiser mentions me to Alex on his show, Alex quickly just said "Alright, let's go to phone calls"

Alex Jones personally is aggressive, self centred, narcissistic in nature, acting out in revolting ways on air - Do I like Alex Jones? Hell no, but a lot of the INFORMATION is useful.

Would I trust Alex Jones with my life? Hell no, such an aggressive, socially retarded and bully like person is to be feared - Not loved - Not even as a distant friend -But that doesn't mean he isn't intelligent -Clever is something else entirely.

Bottom line for me: Alex Jones is nothing but yet another person with a social problem, but the INFORMATION is what I go with, and I will continue to use clips with Alex in my uploads here.

The ONLY reason why he didn't kick me from yet, is because I pay him money for it . . . After all: That is what this is ALL about -For some people that is -Not that I am saying this is what Alex does, but still . . . (NOTE: This is EXACTLY how Alex talk about people on his show)

I am not here to bash Alex Jones really, just to put my point out here: Follow the INFORMATION - ONLY !!! I also got banned in a split second on David Ickes forum for simply asking a question about the movie "David Icke Debunked" - Nothing more, nothing less: Just asking a question about the movie in a nice way.

Power? Money? Just too into them self? I don't know that, of course I don't - But one thing is certain: They do NOT want you to ask any critical questions or coming with suggestions that they wouldn't be able to get on their own.

In my humble opinion this can all be explained by one single word:


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