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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -3. Thus, the satanic people are doing everything possible in their powers to make the people forget their tribal identity so that the people could be made devoid of their very basic religious foundation, the quantity "shame or Salt of the earth", without which they may not be able to acquire the religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy, the measures of Faith, EEMAN or DHARM. The religious Foundation or quantity "shame" and the three religious qualities of religion are represented by the "four legs" of the white religious Bull NANDI of Lord SHIV or the four arms of the SWASTIKA, the symbol that represents the Four Ages of the Cycle. Some of the main tactics that the satanic people in India have used to make the people forget their tribal identity are:-
1. They have proclaimed the four basic professions (VARNS) that are based upon the Four spiritual advancements, as castes or tribes. Thus, the people of SHOODAR (menial servants) are for the hylic people of “id” or HAUMAE spiritual state, VAISH (businessmen) for the twice-born clever psychic people of “mind”, NAFS or MUNN, KHASHATRI (warriors and politics) for the wise pneumatic people of BUDHI or AKALL and BRAHMAN (religious teachers as Rabbis) for people devoted to Worship God are proclaimed as tribes (JAATIS). Thus, a BRAHMAN who hangs the symbolic phallus (LINGAM) of SHIV around his neck but proclaims his tribe as a BRAHMAN, the VARN, has lost his tribal identity as BHAGAT KABIR JI said, "BAHMAN KEH KEH JANAM (JAATI) MATT KHOAE" i.e. by proclaiming yourself a Brahman by tribe or birth, do not lose your real tribal identity (JANAM), which could be a GAUR, SARSUT, MOHIYAL, etc., the tribes that were assigned the responsibility of teaching the moral laws to the children as in the Israel were the people of Levi tribe. Such blind Pandits are the blind guides of the blind Hindus Disciples.
2. The satanic people would make or the people themselves, out of their foolishness, would adopt the name of their village, town or city from which they hail from as to be their surnames in preference to their real tribal surnames. Now, the village, town or city being our social mother, whilst the surnames our social fathers, we do not get ourselves married within the same surname or the village, town and even city.
Thus, a person who takes on the name of the village, town or city as his surname reflects that he does not want to be known by his tribal father but he prefers to be known as the "bastard" born of a famous prostitute, who went around serving the whole village, town or city. Therefore, she could not name a single person to be the father of her son; greater the population of the village, town or city, the more popular and famous that prostitute must be. Thus, people especially the politicians were born of their legitimate parents but for the sake of cheap popularity they would rather prefer to be known as the illegitimate children of the famous prostitutes of the whole town or city.
Such type of people were sometimes the head of the AKAAL TAKHT (the Eternal True Throne for Saints or Apostles who have left their tribal homes) in Amritsar that was dedicated by The Royal King HARGOBIND JI to the NIRMALLAE SANTS (BRAHM GYANIS) or the Apostles of the Fourth community, who Preach "His Word". Such people who could not even be of their own physical fathers in flesh, just imagine how much they would be knowing about our abstract Father in Spirit? This would also reflect upon the depth of religious knowledge that is being radiated from this Highest of High Spiritual Seat of the world. Consideration of the activities of the members of the third community, the Khalsas, will throw further light on this topic.
Now, the Pandits teach moral laws pertaining to "KARAM MARAG" i.e. works, from SIMRITIS to children by the "letters" using the statues of demiurge gods and goddesses as the "concrete" visual aids whilst they used to Preach the "abstract" SURTI (spiritual) UPANASID in "spirit", i.e. without the visual aids of statues, through lectures/discussions to the sensible adults. Teaching being the "letters" and Preaching being "His Word", no one can Preach Gospel without the Grace (NADIR or BAL) of God (RAM).
Further, a person who loves money i.e. worships Mammon cannot love God simultaneously and the loving or worship of the two is called twice-bound (DUBDA). Therefore, only the devotees of God alone are capable of receiving "His Word".
Thus, when the Pandits became greedy, God took away from them the sense to perceive Him through "His Word" i.e. the greedy Pandits became spiritually incapable of understanding the SURTI UPANASID. So, in the past good times the Pandits who wanted to take on to the Brahman profession (VARN) used to be the one who .....

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